5 Best Shift Knobs

Upgrading a shift knob is generally a simple task, easily accomplished by the backyard mechanic. If you are thinking about buying a new shifter, you may find you have to buy a new shift boot as well. Some manufacturers choose to create a one piece combination boot and knob, while others have two independent components.

When you are considering the upgrades you can make to your vehicle to add personality, custom shift knobs are a great place to start and is the easiest way to set your vehicle apart from stock models. There are millions of different shift knobs available and, since shift knobs are generally universal, the possibilities are endless. With so many choices, you need to narrow them down to find the right shift knob for you. We have gathered 5 best shift knobs that are available on the market to help you find the right one.

Best Shift Knobs to Buy in 2017

5. Dewhel Universal Jdm Real Leather Manual or Automatic Gear Shift Knob Black W/Red Stitching For Honda Acura Mazda Mitsubishi Nissan Infiniti Lexus Toyota Scion Subaru etc.

Dewhel Universal
We start our review of the best shift knobs with Dewhel Universal Jdm Real Leather Manual or Automatic Gear Shift Knob. It is a perfect item for most Acura Honda Infiniti Lexus Mazda Mitsubishi Nissan Scion Subaru Toyota, etc. and good for any manual or automatic 4 5 6-Speed. Buying this product, you will get one cylinder shape shift knob w/3 threading adapters and fits most 8×1.25, 10×1.25, 10×1.50 and 12×1.25 threads. This knob is made of genuine leather that feels smooth, soft and warm in winter without gloves. This shift knob will give your interior a whole new JDM racing sporty look. You will definitely be satisfied with this good-looking and easy to install knob. Dewhel shift knobs are made from the highest quality components resulting in a superior feel on every shift.

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4. Dewhel Universal JDM Honda Acura 5 Speed Manual Shift Knob M10x1.5 Screw On Color Black

Dewhel Universal
At under $10, the Dewhel JDM is a great deal if you’re in the market for an inexpensive replacement or just want to add something new to your interior. This Race Auto Shift Knob is made of high-quality aluminum with a black finish and red letters for a performance look. Manual 5 Speed Car Shift knob has a Type-R Style design for a comfortable grip. It fits thread size M10x1.5 with adapter nuts for Honda and Acura cars. The knob is of top quality, the weight is perfect, and we guarantee you will be pleased with your purchase. Carefully engineered with the utmost care and attention to the tiniest detail this product guarantees maximum durability you are looking for. For smoother and more positive shifting, choose this premium quality shift knob from Dewhel developed and designed for ultimate quality and exclusive style.

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3. ModifyStreet Ball Shaped 450g Weighted Shift knob – JDM Matte Black

ModifyStreet Ball
The next item in our review is ModifyStreet Ball Shaped 450g Weighted Shift knob. Universal fit most Japanese and USA cars, but note that this item does not fit most European car such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen because European cars are not using the round thread shifters. This knob is made of high-quality stainless steel in matte black finish. It is designed for replacing manual transmission with 8mm and 1.25mm pitch (M8 x 1.25), 10mm and 1.25mm pitch (M10 x 1.25), 10mm and 1.5mm pitch (M10 x 1.5) or 12mm and 1.25 pitch (M12 x 1.25) thread shifter. You can also apply this shift knob on your automatic if your shifter is M8 x 1.25, M10 x 1.25, M10 x 1.5 or M12 x 1.25 round thread, and do not require a push button to shift. Upgrade your driving comfort and interior appearance with this superior product.

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2. ZHOL Universal Aluminum Automotive Motorsport Fantasy Manual Stick Shift Knob, Gear Stick Shift Head, Gear Shift knob

ZHOL Universal
You may feel that your standard gear shift knob does not match the vibrancy of your car’s personality and changing it to something more suitable is easy to do. ZHOL Universal Aluminum Automotive Motorsport Fantasy Manual Stick Shift Knob will give your car a performance look. It is compatible with Universal fit for most vehicles with screw type shift knob. This premium ZHOL product is manufactured from superior materials to the strictest standards providing the highest level of quality and exceptional workmanship. Item Size is 56mm*40mm*19mm weighting 158g. ZHOL provides reliable and worry-free service life for long years ahead which makes it the perfect option for your ultimate satisfaction. Made from first-class materials using the latest technologies, the product takes quality and durability to a whole new level. You will be pleased how easy the installation process is.

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1. Kei Project Dragon ball Z Star Manual Stick Shift Knob With Adapters Fits Most Cars (4 Star)

Kei Project Dragon ball
Kei Project Dragon ball Z Star Manual Stick Shift Knob is the best shift knob in our review. It is a handmade item that is made of high-quality, durable acrylic. Kei Project Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob with adapters fits in most manual transmission vehicles. It also fits perfect in hands and provides comfier. The adapter it includes is made with high-quality stainless steel. It also has lock nuts. If you are a true Dragon Ball Z fan, this Shift Knob is for you without any doubt. The size of this shifter knob is pretty perfect. It fits in larger hands easily, and it is quite comfortable. With its sleek and modern design, this shift knob not only brings an added touch of style to the vehicle’s interior but also packs a punch of performance. We highly recommend buying this superb product.

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An automatic shift knob is a knob atop the lever which allows you to change gears in your automatic transmission vehicle. It may be covered with many different materials, such as leather or chrome, and will have either a top or side-mounted button which must be pressed and held down in order to shift. Since the shift knob is a prominent feature of your vehicle and is handled every time you drive, it’s important to have one that suits your taste. Shift knobs used on manual transmission automobiles are frequently customized as well. Many need replacing due to their condition, while others are simply deemed too dull for repeated use. Some drivers prefer to add a heavier knob to give shifting a smoother, more effortless feel, while others may simply wish to find something that fits a little more comfortably in their hand.

Aside from adding style to gear shifters, shift knobs are also used to provide drivers with added driving comfort. It’s always good practice to replace broken shift knobs as soon as possible. Now, what’s great about getting a new shift knob is that you won’t have to look far to find a quality and direct-fit replacement for your original equipment. Do not waste your time! Choose and buy one of the reviewed shift knob today.

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