Car & Truck Maintenance: Choose the Right Tires For Your Vehicle

TiresSome tires are rated especially for mud or snow, but these may not be appropriate for most standard driving conditions. A better grip on slippery or wet surfaces and channeling of water or mud are common characteristics of mud and snow tires. Avoiding tires that will put you in a dangerous predicament are an important aspect of choosing tires.

Appearance and other Special Features: Your choice of tires may vary, depending on if you are driving a classic antique, a sporty roadster, a monster mud vehicle or a family sedan. The tires you choose may enhance the look of your automobile or its performance. Do you prefer white walls or black walls? Does your car look or perform better with wide or narrow tires?

Manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations: Documents, such as your vehicle Owner’s Manual and stickers, placed on the body of your car by its manufacturer, will clearly specify particular characteristics that are appropriate for your make and model. These specification stickers may be found on the door, console, glove box, gas cap cover or trunk. Included in the requirements are figures pertaining to load capacity, size, and pressure, and speed ratings. Unless you are planning on customizing your vehicle, it is unwise to stray too far from these guidelines.

Cost: Expense plays into every aspect of vehicle consumables and maintenance, but your tires are not a place to skimp. Unless you need tires, but are thinking of getting rid of your vehicle soon, cheap tires are not usually the best option. Make sure that you do not compromise the safety of your passengers, or the integrity of your vehicle by selecting inexpensive, but inferior tires.

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Service after the sale: You will need service on your tires throughout their lifetime. Tire stores and manufacturers offer a wide variety of options and services, with or without cost. Be sure to check your tire warranty. Is there a free replacement clause if your tires fail within a particular time period? Many tire retailers offer free services, such as rotation and balancing. Regular use of these services, even if they do come at a cost, are well worthwhile, to increase the life and performance of your tires.

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