Mazda 3
Mazda 3

There is an awful lot to be said in favour of this mid-range Mazda.  The manufacturer has a deserved, and growing, reputation for building reliable, attractive cars that offer a great driving experience for owners.  On top of that, models provide a touch of quirkiness that is sometimes lost in other mainstream producers.

The Mazda 3, which has been around a for a good while now, offers great versatility, being available as both a sedan and a hatchback, while grand tourers can also be had.  The latest cars offer great technology options, and even older models were ahead of the game when it came to innovation.

The Mazda 3 fits into the small car market, but you get a lot of space in your ‘small’ car, including four doors in the sedan and plenty of room in the back seat.  This is a car that can grow with a young family, makes a perfect entry level vehicle for new drivers and is also perfect for couples or single users.

Positive Attributes of the Mazda 3

  • High levels of safety
  • Excellent reliability
  • Great flexibility in the range
  • Something a little bit different
  • Good driving experience.

Things against the Mazda 3

It really is a matter of picking hairs to find fault with this car. Buying a Mazda is not the cheapest option that can be taken.  Also, although the vehicles are roomy inside, there are other similar vehicles that are bigger still.

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