6 Best Fuel Brake Foot Pedals in 2018

Think of how many times your foot steps on the brake pedal during just one trip, then multiply that by how often you drive and it’s easy to see how brake pads become worn. But a worn pedal pad is more than just an eyesore. The ribbing that’s a feature of most pedal pads is designed to provide traction for your foot, and when the ribs wear down and the rubber becomes hard with age, the smooth surface can become slippery. Combine that slick surface with wet soles and your foot could easily slip off the pedal during a panic stop.

There are multitudes of pedal pad kits available for sale on the market. It is not as easy as you may think to find good pedal covers on the market. To help you with the right choice, we have gathered top 6 best fuel brake foot pedals of the top quality that costs affordable.

Best Fuel Brake Foot Pedals to Buy in 2018

6. HDE 2 Piece Non Slip Pedal Kit Gas Brake Cover Pads for Automatic Transmission Vehicles (Chrome and Black)

HDE 2 Piece Non Slip Pedal Kit Gas Brake Cover Pads
We begin our review of the best fuel brake foot pedals with HDE 2 piece non slip pedal kit. This silver and black pedal kit is designed for automatic transmissions, and will allow you to add some flare to the driver’s side! This item has a universal design that will fit for all vehicle types. This product blends in nicely with any kind of interior. These non-slip pedals are easy to install, all you need is a Phillips Head screwdriver. Buying this kit you will get a gas pedal cover and a brake pedal cover. This item works well; the quality is good for such a low price.

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5. Moonet Aluminum Fuel Brake Foot Rest MT Pedals Fit BMW E30 E36 E46 E90 E91 E92 E93 M3

Moonet Aluminum Fuel Brake Foot Rest MT Pedals
The next item in our review is Moonet Aluminum Fuel Brake Foot Rest MT Pedals. These pedals fit for BMW 3 series only and are made of top quality aluminum alloy. These pedals look amazing, and they feel amazing. The package includes one MT Pedals Set (4 PCS) as well as all necessary bolts and nuts. Drilling is required to install and these pedals are for automatic transmission only. The lightweight design will ensure no damage to your factory pedals, adding an unmatched protection that will help sustain the value of your vehicle. These Moonet Aluminum Fuel Brake Foot Rest MT Pedal covers will implement style and function to most vehicles out there.

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4. Modifystreet Universal Gotham Style Aluminum Polish Chrome/Black Rubber Plate Manual Gas/Clutch/Brake Car Foot Pedals Cover Pads

Modifystreet Universal Gotham Style Aluminum Polish Chrome
This is a set of universal foot pedal set for manual transmission vehicles. This package includes 1 x brake pedal, 1 x clutch pedal and 1 x accelerator pedal that made in aluminum alloy with rubber soleplate. Easy to install, no modification needed, bolts and nuts are included with the package. These are Universal design for vehicles with manual transmission only, the Gas Pedal Size: 2.5″ x 4.75″, Brake Pedal/Clutch Pedal Size: 2.375″ x 3″. This top quality brand new style pedal set is a fantastic finishing touch to your car. These cover pads are made of high-quality polished aluminum, what makes it ultra-lightweight. The heavy duty brushed aluminum construction with non-slip studs on the pedal surface preventing from slipping off.

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3. Mr. Gasket 9645 Barefoot Style Gas Pedal Pad

Mr. Gasket 9645 Barefoot Style Gas Pedal Pad
Mr. Gasket Performance Group is now the Prestolite Performance Group and is as dedicated as ever to the development of innovative performance products. There’s nothing cooler than a gas or brake pedal shaped like a bare foot! Mr. Gasket’s original foot shaped pedal pad has a universal fit, for your street rod to your golf cart. These barefoot style pedal covers add a fun touch to your car and install without drilling or modifications to your vehicle. Available for the dimmer switch, brake or gas pedal, they feature thick, long-lasting rubber with chrome center bars. Mr. Gasket Barefoot Style Gas Pedal Pads are designed to provide a firm grip for excellent braking. They feature contrasting chrome grid which ensures extreme durability. Mr. Gasket is a world-renowned manufacturer of performance gaskets and a wide range of automotive parts and accessories.

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2. No Drill Fuel Brake Foot Pedals for Mercedes Benz C E S GLK SLK CLS Sl Class

No Drill Fuel Brake Foot Pedals
No Drill Fuel Brake Foot Pedals are one of the best pedals available on the market today. With this excellent covers, you will bring the unique appearance for your plain factory pedals. These covers are made of top quality Stainless Steel ; Rubber with chrome finished. This item will be perfect for auto transmission car with a non-slip surface. These are affordable priced pedals that will add safety for driving and reduce foot fatigue. The installation is simple, no welding or drilling required. The package includes 1X Gas Pedal + 1X Brake Pedal + 1X Rear Brake Pedal. We guarantee this product will exceed your expectations. Pedals with stainless steel covers are important in giving the car’s interior a sporty feel. With these pedals, the driver’s footwell gains more visual appeal and their silver color match the chrome accent in the interior.

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1. SUNDELY® Aluminum Car Foot Rest Fuel Brake AT Pedals for Mazda 3 Mazda 6 CX-5 2013 2014 2015 (for Automatic Transmission Models, No Drilling)

SUNDELY® Aluminum Car Foot Rest Fuel Brake
The SUNDELY® Aluminum Car Foot Rest Fuel Brake AT Pedals are a great addition to add to your vehicle. They offer a rugged appearance complementing any interior color scheme. These pedal covers are manufactured out of the highest quality aluminum, offering strength and durability. The non-slip, tread design featured on these pedal covers are going to give your foot the traction and stability it needs to keep you running down the road. These covers are easy to install, no drilling required, but still, professional assistance is recommended. With these pedals, you will improve your overall driving experience. This product is for automatic transmission models only. This is a really outstanding quality product you will love. We highly recommend buying these pedals.

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If you think about it, the humble car pedal is one of the most heavily used parts of the car when it comes to direct contact with the driver. Every time you accelerate or brake – and, in a manual drive, change gear – you press your foot down on a pedal. Your car pedals are very responsive to even the slightest amount of pressure and your drive will be drastically improved if you find your pedals easy to control. One of the easiest ways to customize your car for driver comfort is to replace the factory-fitted brake, accelerator and clutch pedals with ones that are more responsive to your foot. Additionally, the rubber coverings that make direct contact with your shoe should feel comfortable against the soles and provide just the right amount of grip. As with all heavily used mechanical parts, the metal joints in the car pedals can wear out over time and need to be replaced once signs of wear become apparent.

Those all-important brake, clutch, and accelerator rubber coverings wear down over time, and can gradually become far less effective in terms of offering proper purchase for your feet on the pedals, particularly after being out in wet or snowy conditions. Stay safe on the road and purchase one of the reviewed fuel brake foot pedals today!

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