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Drink holdersDrink holders for car are now part of the common accessories found in many cars and other automobiles. The utility of these drink holders is quite undisputed at least in North America. Coffee drink holders are mostly found in the middle armrest in between the front seats of cars. These holders consists of a shelf member that holds the cup or the coffee mug in place while the holder itself is held and secured to the surface by means of the attachment member.

Drink holders are built into the seating, often attractively recessed in the back. Drink holders are something that most modern cars are equipped with, but few are good enough to actually hold drinks properly. Personalized ones can easily be made for a few dollars each with your logo on them, and they can be attached discretely to the interior of any car.

Drinking coffee or tea should never be a hassle. Who wants to bother with saucers and plates, laying out biscuits, and so on? Most coffee and tea drinkers consume their beverages on the go where drinking the coffee out of a plastic cup or wine glass just won’t do! Coffee is made to drink hot, so it’s best to have a coffee mug or two on hand.

There are lots of folks who have stopped using disposable cups because they have no qualms in carrying reusable mugs to convenience stores or the neighborhood coffee shop. If you have not already started using these reusable cups, all it takes is a first step to start a new green habit.

Glazed ceramics are used to make traditional coffee cups. These cups offer insulation to the beverage and have special handles which mean that you do not get singed when sipping from the hot cup. Another advantage of ceramic is that unlike glass, it does not shatter even if you were to wash it in cold water just after using it to drink a hot beverage. Incidentally a century back, paper cups were invented, which caught on like wild fire as these can be produced in bulk and are also quite inexpensive.

Disposable paper coffee cups have now become the most sought after means of advertisement. Corporations imprint their logos or ad messages on these as a promotional means of their services and products. Disposable plastic drinking cups are useful on such occasions, because you can conveniently use and discard them after use. Plastic coffee cups are now widely used in restaurants. Disposable cups are great for schools, and can also be used at outdoor events like golf tournaments.

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Disposable cups are quite popular and widely used in restaurants, cafes and food places, as these are economical. The only problem with that fact is that these are not eco-friendly and cause the destruction of over 6.5 million trees each year. The solid waste produced equals 250 million pounds and as of 2006 it was 16 billion of these cups that ended up in trash cans.

If you are a little environmentally conscious, you would take the trouble to start using reusable cups. Like reusable grocery bags, these cups go a long way in preserving the greens and worldwide forest cover.

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