Car Parts—What are they Made of?

Do you know what your car is made of? You may know how fast it can go and what systems are inside, but do you really know what it’s made of? Understanding what materials make up your car can help you find quality replacement parts.


Steel is the reason why our cars weigh so much. Steel is strong and relatively light when it comes to metals. The chassis and supporting frame of your car is probably made from high grade automotive steel. It’s expensive to manufacture this kind of steel, but it’s even stronger than regular construction steel.

Stainless steel makes up exhaust systems and can be found on other parts under the hood. When looking to replace a part yourself, always double check that the steel you are purchasing is high grade automotive steel.


Plastic has come a long way in the past century, and most cars have an enormous amount of plastic inside the cabin and under the hood. In fact, plastic makes up about 50% of most cars today. Plastic is strong, cheap and can be shaped into virtually anything. Rigid plastic is used for your dash and console, and plastic parts can be found on the engine as well.

Plastic comes in different qualities. So when searching for parts, make sure you are buying high grade and not a knockoff. Not all plastic is created equal.


Aluminium is somewhat a new player in the automotive industry. It’s very light, but tough, especially when anodized. It also disperses heat well.

Aluminium is used more and more in performance vehicles to lower the overall weight of the car. When finding quality auto parts, consider high end aluminium parts to replace steel ones. Aluminium may not last as long, but you’ll get a big boost in performance.

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