Finding Reliable Car Parts

When shopping for car parts, it’s best to use parts that are designed specifically for your car. You can buy knockoff brands that may be cheaper, but they usually won’t last as long. When you buy a car, you’re buying not just the car, but all the parts as well. If the parts last a long time and are reliable, you made a good purchase. Luxury brands like Lexus, Acura and Audi tend to be the highest quality. But here is a list of the top most reliable “normal” car brands from


If you are lucky enough to own a Toyota, you probably already know that Toyotas are reliable to the bitter end. Toyota consistently makes sturdy and long-lasting parts for its vehicles. You should have no trouble with replacement parts ordered directly from Toyota. Need further convincing? A Toyota’s average lifespan is 339,097 km – and that’s just until its value hits $0.

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Honda has more old cars on the road than any other car brand. Its four-cylinder models are especially reliable. Also, quality parts can often be found for cheap at aftermarket dealers. Hondas may not be flashy, but most of us are just looking for a car that will get us from point A to point B in one piece. You can expect to get at least 336,355 km out of a Honda.

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Ford hasn’t always been associated with the image of “high quality.” But a recent tightening of quality standards has shot Ford to the top. One of the best things about Ford is that they’re made in the USA. This means you can order parts and get them faster than you would for an Asian import. With standard maintenance, your Ford should take you at least 319,308 km.

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Like Ford, Dodge hasn’t always been the name of reliability. But it has received special attention from Chrysler, it shows with new lines of better cars than ever before. Averaging 319,078 km before hitting zero value isn’t something to sneeze at, either.

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Buying reliable parts from top-quality manufacturers should be a snap. Aftermarket parts may suffer from lower quality, so buy directly from the dealer when possible.

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