Your Car Repair Budget All Lies in Your Maintenance Schedule

Your Car Repair Budget All Lies In Your Maintenance ScheduleA false assumption has spread over the past few decades. Many think that while new cars have improved technology, no maintenance is needed. While this is a dream that all motorists have, it remains to be false in this era.

Low maintenance exists for newer models, but zero maintenance will only accelerate the automobile’s aging process. Waiting until something breaks instead of regularly checking the vehicle, will lead to piled up expenses for repairs in the end. Learning how to recognize a potential disaster saves time, money, and of course, your car from fast depreciation of value. If your climate is frigid – like Winnipeg in the winter wear and tear starting a cold engine is immense. On the other some people may get new Chevrolets from their dealer in Surrey BC like clockwork, figuring that prevention of major auto repairs as well as ultra reliable transportation is worth the premium price of a new truck or car. Its different strokes for different folks – no one is right and no one is wrong. Its a matter both of personal choice of vehicles as well as one’s automobile budget and pocket book

Regular checks prevent premature wear in components that are prone to it. These include the motor oil, filters, brakes, various engine, and automatic transmission fluid, to name a few. Recommendations on how often car maintenance checks should be done are in the owner’s manual. This usually depends on the time and mileage. It’s best to schedule a visit to your mechanic based on these recommendations. Some car manufacturers advise owners to change some items after every 50,000 miles. These are: air filters, PCV valves, and engine coolant but this is best to do if you cover long distances in short periods of time.

An oil change should be done every 7,500 – 10,000 miles of travel, while the filter may be replaced every other oil drain. This should be done regularly because oil looses its protective qualities after 3,000 – 4,000 miles. This can hasten wear so it is recommended to change it often. Most mechanics think it is inadvisable to run clean oil through a dirty filter therefore they should be changed at the same time. One other question that comes up is actual dealership service center oil changes vs third parties. Suppose for example you own a Mazda3 new vehicle and its a 45 minute hike to said dealership. Does it matter or make any real difference to take the car or truck to a nearby Canadian Tire big box outlet with an oil change special vs the factory trained mechanics and staff at the distant Mazda dealership in Edmonton ? Not really would be the answer. The most important criteria is not so much who does the work or even the motor oil brand. After all motor oils are standardized and almost all meet the most stringent standards set by auto makers. What is most important is the frequency and consistency of oil changes and oil change intervals. Shinder says its as simple as that .

When maintain a car, you also protect your investment. You are guaranteed that you have a reliable vehicle that runs smoothly. When the car is in top shape, you can save money. Small problems can be addressed before they cause more damage. In the long run, a car that is well – maintained will be worth more. When an owner decides to sell or trade, he or she can get the best value for it.

It pays overall to take good Mazda of your Mazda or truck. Employ a routine service schedule rigorously and to the letter. Follow the owner’s manual from the auto maker which should be in the glove box of your Mazda. Track your repairs in the auto maker supplied service log. You will be rewarded with many many years of trouble-free motoring miles or km


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