Car Scratch Repair

Car Scratch RepairI had a problem recently that required car scratch repair. When I started researching to find out what I had to do I was unable to find out many things about it. Having got round the problem I decided you write about it so that others can know what to do.

The problem happened last week. I had parked my car in a car park when my girlfriend and I went shopping. When I came back I noticed that the paintwork was scratched on the car. I was so angry. I thought to myself ‘why should I have to pay for a car scratch repair service’?

Many people won’t understand why having this happen got me so angry. Well I am into cars big time and I really love my car. I didn’t want it damaged by the horrible yellow car that was next to me. The insult was leaving its mark on the paintwork.

My girlfriend calls me tight but I prefer to refer to it as frugal. I didn’t’ want to spend money on car scratch repair. I considered trying to do it myself. This was when I first encountered the problem of not being able to find much about it on the internet. Even when I found a little bit it didn’t take me long to rule it out.

I know someone who works in the car industry. I thought I would try my luck and ask him if he thought he could do it. He told me that something like this has to be done by a professional. He said that he hadn’t done car scratch repair for a long time so didn’t want to chance it.

I did manage to find somebody on the internet. They actually come from a long way to be able to do car scratch repair. Now it is all over I realise that I did overreact to begin with. The car looks as good as new and I should’ve just done that in the first place. It wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be and now my girlfriend and I can talk about the incident with falling out about it!

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