5 Best Steering Wheels in 2018

Sometimes overlooked by consumers, the steering wheel is a key interface between man and machine – a vital component of any driving experience. It not only points you to where you want to go, but it gives you valuable (or not-so-valuable, as the case may be) feedback. And increasingly, the wheel also serves as a control panel of sorts for vehicle entertainment and other operational functions. Driving with an uncomfortable steering wheel is a challenging affair with numerous cons. By orienting the body uncomfortably, for instance, such steering lower concentration by hastening fatigue. Their slippery surfaces are health hazards, while their charmless designs compromise the looks of vehicles. If the stock steering that came with your vehicle has the foregoing attributes, replacing it with one of our selected models will improve how you drive.

Many brands of aftermarket steering wheels are available on the market. These top 5 best steering wheels are durable, comfortable to use, and have stylish designs that blend well in vehicles. Their performance is optimal and their safety-certified systems ideal for day-to-day driving.

Best Steering Wheels to Buy in 2018

5. Rxmotor Universal Fit 320mm JDM Battle Racing Steering Wheel New – Acura Honda Toyota Mazda Mitsubishi etc (BLUE)

Rxmotor Universal Fit
The first steering wheel in our review is the Rxmotor Universal Fit 320mm JDM Battle Racing. The PVC leather is glued on the steering wheel, giving it a firm and mean look, ideal for your racing car styles. Moreover, the handle is designed in a way to provide better grip and enhanced handling of your vehicle. The steering wheel is meant for the racing vehicles. The style and design of the steering wheel are meant to enhance the interiors of racing vehicles and the wheel will not look as good when used in a regular sedan or a luxury sedan. This steering wheel has a 6 bolt pattern design for mounting, and therefore you will need to purchase a steering wheel hub adapter separately in order to install this item. Steering wheel hub adapter is not included with this package. This product is backed by 30-days money back guarantee & 90-days Limited Warranty. It is an excellent steering wheel that costs affordable.

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4. Grant 415 Challenger Steering Wheel

Grant 415
Today Grant manufactures a complete line of custom steering wheels and accessories. Grant produces wheels that are designed for the automotive aftermarket, racing, golf cars and utility vehicles, the marine industry, heavy duty trucks, and the RV/Motorhome industry. Grant 415 Challenger Steering is one of the most popular wheels on the market. This wheel features Grant’s exclusive dual-plane spoke design. This 3-dimensional hi-tech, dual-plane 4-spoke design offers a “world class look.” A Grant Installation Kit is necessary to mount this wheel to a vehicle. This wheel will work with any Grant Standard 3000 or 4000 Series Installation Kits. It will not work with Grant Billet or Euro Installation Kits. Note: The eight bolt pattern you see around the horn button is decorative only and this wheel is still a three bolt pattern beneath the horn button. When a well-made, stylish custom steering wheel is what you want, Grant is the only name you need to know.

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3. NRG Steering Wheel – 06 (Deep Dish) – 350mm (13.78 inches) – Black Suede with Black Spokes – Part # ST-006S

NRG Steering Wheel
NRG offers the largest variety of steering wheels. All of the wheels are compatible with the short hubs and quick releases with a 6 hole bolt pattern. NRG Innovations has been increasingly improving their steering wheel quality for the past few years. This NRG Steering Wheel is a 3” deep dish round holes sport steering wheel is made from high-grade aluminum (5mm) spoke for style and performance, and wrapped in high-quality suede. This is the most expensive steering wheel in our review, but it is made of the top quality materials and worth the price. NRG steering wheels are sure to give your vehicle that extra edge of control and styling. This steering wheel has a lightweight design and it provides a sportier feel to your vehicle. Buy this top-notch steering wheel and we guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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2. 350mm Deep Dish 6 Bolt Steering Wheel Universal Custom (Red)

350mm Deep Dish
This steering wheel is one of the best GODSNOW is a deep-dish PVC leather steering wheel with a universal 6-bolt hub and a custom red theme that blends well in vehicles. Made of lightweight aluminum, handling is easy. The material is also durable and designed to resist environmental elements such as rust that compromise the value of most metals. Even though GODSNOW 350mm steering wheel requires professional installation, users enjoy better handling. You will also have better control of your vehicle and drive safely because of its secure grip. Installation instructions are not included. Professional installation recommended. Universal Fit with 6 bolt Steering Hub Adapters only. Along with for an unbelievable low price you will be pleased with this sturdy and well-built product we entirely recommend to purchase.

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1. Grant 838 Classic Steering Wheel

Grant 838
The number one in our review is Grant 838 Classic Steering Wheel. If you want to get a durable well-balanced steering wheel model that you will enjoy using every day, Grant 838 Classic is an excellent candidate. The famous 838 wheel was the first design wheel ever made and it is still number one selling wheel! Its Classic features of three holes per spoke and an extra thick foam cushion grip make for a huge slice of comfort and class on any ride. A Grant Installation Kit is necessary to mount this wheel to a vehicle. This wheel will work with any Grant Standard 3000 or 4000 Series Installation Kits. But note that it will not work with Grant Billet or Euro Installation Kits. The price of this product is very affordable. We highly recommend buying this superior quality.

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The steering wheel is the part of your car that allows you to manipulate the vehicle’s steering system. Choosing a steering wheel is simple if you know what to consider. Often, changing just the steering wheel can dramatically improve the look of the interior of a car. Some people buy aftermarket steering wheels for the simple reason of making the inside of their car look cooler or more elegant. A well-chosen steering wheel can also make driving more comfortable. With a steering wheel having enough cushion and a good grip, the driver may not mind driving the car a little longer.

Steering wheels are very important parts of the car. People buy aftermarket steering wheels not only for their function but also for the look they add to the interior of the car. Steering wheels can be made of leather, wood, or polyurethane. And there are also steering wheels that are specially designed to fit a specific purpose, such as for hearing impaired drivers and for temporary blindness caused by the glare of the sun or from ice and snow reflecting sunlight. When buying a steering wheel, remember that the smaller and lighter the wheel, the better is its response and handling ability.

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