6 Best Headrest Mounts in 2018

Over the years, car developers have pondered on the way to increase comfort for the passengers and the driver. Entertaining a family for the duration of a drive can be a challenge, but with mobile devices and games at hand, it’s not quite as painful as it once was. And with the right headset car mount you can transform your mobile device into a safe and secure in-car entertainment system. Tablets can give us step-by-step instructions while driving, provide valuable package information for delivery drivers, and even keep young kids entertained in the back seat with movies and games.

There are plenty of headrest mounts on the market offering a variety of fitting solutions for a number of different tablet sizes, from portable seven-inch screens to hefty 12-inch work surfaces. We’ve rounded up the top 6 best headrest mounts so that your passengers can watch movies and TV shows entirely unencumbered.

Best Headrest Mounts to Buy in 2018

6. Okra 360° Degree Adjustable Rotating Headrest Car Seat Mount Holder For iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom, And all Tablets Up To -10.1″

Okra 360° Degree Adjustable Rotating Headrest Car Seat Mount Holder
The Okra Tablet Car Mount uses a novel approach where the air vents on your car dashboard are used to secure an iPad or tablet in place. With this secure fitting and adjustable grips, the iPad car mount can accommodate nearly any tablet and allows pivoting for both portrait and landscape modes. This central positioning and free movement make the Okra an excellent mount for navigation or when you are traveling with just one other passenger. It does not need any special tools for installation purposes neither do you need an expert to do the installation for you. It has a play in the brackets that holds your tablet firmly to prevent it from excessive shaking and vibration from bumpy roads. It is a perfect one for entertaining your family when you have long journeys. With an affordable price and amazing quality, customers loved how secure this product kept their devices.

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5. [OTISA] 2-in-1 Tablet and Cellphone Adjustable Universal Car Headrest Mount Holder Car Cradle for Apple ipad Series and Samsung Note, Motorola Xoom, And all Mobile Devices Up To -11″

[OTISA] 2-in-1 Tablet and Cellphone Adjustable Universal Car Headrest Mount Holder Car Cradle
OTISA is dedicated to the design and production of professional 3C accessories. Their goal is the excellent quality, innovative design, and affordable prices. This 2-in-1 Tablet and Cellphone Adjustable Universal Car Headrest Mount Holder Car also can be an entertainment system for the family during long car journeys. Special design uses a spring clip arm in one side to grips your cell phone/table tight, providing steady support for your phone even when you are driving on a bumpy road. It’s expandable securely holds most cell phone/table. It literally takes two seconds to be fitted onto the headrest, just pull the retractable spring and place your tablet/cell phone inside. This item will make your traveling more interesting. It is an excellent product with an affordable value. OTISA has been providing consumers with high-value brand products for years so that consumers enjoy the life and pleasure of digital technology.

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4. iKross Car Headrest Mount Holder with 360 Degrees Rotation for 7-10.2-Inch Tablets – Black

iKross Car Headrest Mount Holder with 360 Degrees Rotation for 7-10.2-Inch Tablets
The iKross Tablet Mount Kit was designed to create a backseat entertainment system without the need for wiring, tools or modifications to the headrest. This easy to install mount offers a secure and stable platform allowing the tablet to be used for viewing movies, playing games, browsing the internet and much more. Don’t be limited to one viewing angle; the iKross mount was designed with a 360 adjustable ball head joint for customizable viewing and positioning. The tablet holder can be tilted up or down and positioned in horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) screen viewing modes. It is a padded device holder with secure rubber end grips and expandable legs for a secure hold that will not scratch or damage the tablet. Overall, it is a good product what works well and holds the tablet securely.

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3. Ipow Universal iPad Tripod Mount Adapter

Ipow Universal iPad Tripod Mount Adapter
The Ipow Universal iPad Tripod Mount Adapter is an economical choice if you have a tripod, monopod or selfie stick on hand. This product is for mounting iPads and other types of tablets. This type of mount adapter is ideal for capturing videos and pictures with a tablet. This device is easy to install and use, however, it does not have rotation capabilities. This product has numerous amazing reviews. The product’s impressive variety of uses and abilities to fit many different types of devices make it a great choice. Ipow Universal iPad Tripod Mount Adapter is compatible with all Android, Windows, Blackberry, and Apple Smartphones which between 55cm – 85cm width (including case). This item will definitely exceed your expectations.

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2. Premium Multi Passenger Universal Headrest Cradle Car Mount for Apple Ipad / Ipad 2 / Ipad 3 / Ipad 4 / Ipad Air and Ipad Mini w/ Swivel Vibration-Free Cradle (revised – with all 7-12 inch tablets)

Premium Multi Passenger Universal Headrest Cradle Car Mount
Jarv’s Premium Multi Passenger Universal Headrest mount is perfect for families with more than one child as it transforms your tablet into a perfect in-car entertainment system. With most Velcro mounts, you’d have to secure your iPad to the back of one headrest, leaving the person on the other side of the car craning to see anything. Jarv’s cradle hooks around the headrest’s posts so that your iPad sits between the driver and passenger seat. Fitting every version of the iPad, the Jarv Premium Multi Passenger Universal Headrest swivels to accommodate most viewing angles. It is also fully adjustable with 360-degree rotation for quick portrait and landscape view. You will be pleasantly surprised with the purchase. This is one of the best headrest mounts available for sale on the market.

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1. iPad Air (iPad 5 5th Generation) Car Headrest Mount Holder

iPad Air (iPad 5 5th Generation) Car Headrest Mount Holder
If you are looking for a durable iPad car holder, TFY is the best brand since it is made from stain resistant synthetic leather. The holder also has a soft interior lining to protect your device. This universal holder has been designed to fit on every car seat. Also, the design of the holder ensures you have full access to the iPad’s ports and controls. This headrest mount will not even take five minutes to install. It is easy, simple and universal. Its adjustable strap allows for quick and secure installation. It can also be removed easily when you want to create more room in your car. This item will become your perfect companion for long car journeys. This is a very useful product, which allows one the ability to play movies in the car, without investing in more expensive equipment. We recommend you to buy this superb headrest mount holder.

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Tablet computers have quickly become an everyday item for many households, but they’re not just handy to have around the home; as they’re portable, they’re ideal for use in the car. When going for a long drive or on a holiday road trip, especially with young children, tablets can be the perfect solution to keeping everyone happy, as they hold plenty of content. But if you’re watching a film for a long time or have multiple occupants who need to see the screen, you don’t want to be holding the tablet or resting it on your lap, as this can lead to neck problems. So that’s where a good headrest mount can work wonders in keeping back seat passengers amused for hours with films, cartoons, and games. Tablets fit securely in these car mounts, and some mounts even provide a protective case to ensure that no matter what road trip accidents may happen, your tablet can endure it.

When looking for the best car mount for your needs, you have to determine the design, functionality, and versatility of the device. Purchase one of the reviewed headrest mounts, and we guarantee you will be satisfied.

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