Top 5 – Best Octane Boosters Review

There’s a great difference between drivers and real car connoisseurs. If you are looking for an octane booster – you are definitely among the latter category! You know what a real smooth ride is and won’t compromise on the quality of driving experience.

Those who think that octane booster review is only useful for the owners of sport or luxury cars need to know that this product isn’t just for the sophisticated vehicle users. Its function is to improve the number of octane component in the petrol you use. It improves the fuel efficiency and as result gives you more miles for less gallons.

Just like good nutrition improves the functioning of your body, a good octane booster greatly enhances the performance of your car. It is more of a maintenance product than a fancy add-on. Let’s look at the most popular offers on the market in terms of brands, prices, effectiveness and customer feedback.

Best Octane Boosters To Buy In 2018

5. Lucas 10026 Octane Boost. 15 oz.

Lucas 10026 Octane BoosterLucas octane booster is one of the most “easy to feel” products on the market. It doesn’t have the highest boost coefficient – there are other boosters that will increase the octane by a much higher number. But the whole trick is in the ingredients and components Lucas octane booster review must notice.

We all understand that fuel isn’t the most safe and natural liquid on Earth. That’s why adding something even more chemical is a dilemma for those who truly love their cars. The way Lucas octane booster chemicals work is that they make the fuel denser and increase the time needed for the fuel to burn completely. So it offers a more complex solution to the gas mileage and driving performance.

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4. Torco Accelerator 32oz The Best Fuel Additive

Torco Accelerator 32oz The Best Fuel AdditiveTorco octane booster is a good product: simple yet effective. Since many vehicles are calibrated to run at a certain octane level, the decrease of such level can become critical. That’s where you will hear knocks and pings and feel irregularities in the motor performance many people talk about in their octane booster reviews.

By raising the octane number by 105 points, Torco octane booster eliminates any destructions in motor performance. It is one of the most affordable products on the market, so don’t expect a miracle – you will need to add a whole bottle every time you fill up the trunk, since the effect doesn’t last very long. But it is definitely a Torco octane booster that works well.

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3. Gumout 800001706 Octane Booster, 10 oz.

Gumout 800001706 Octane BoosterGumont octane booster is said to bring the horses back even to old vehicles with exhausted motors. By using it you can immediately enhance the fuel power by 2 points. Many users also praise Gumount octane booster for motorcycles – because of its small package it is convenient to use without thinking where to store the rest of the content.

Some people complain in their Gumount octane booster reviews that its coloring can leave stains. Yet others say that Gumout is an octane booster that really works and it makes even motorcycle engines run so smoothly as they have never done before.

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2. Klotz Octane Booster, 128 Ounce Gallon

Klotz Octane BoosterExperienced Klotz Octane Booster users know that it is the product that works. With an incredible 10 points increase, this octane booster will make your vehicle fly. For improved driving experiences the Klots Octane booster also has a special additive – Tetraethyl – that is meant to serve as lubricant for motor parts.

Its ingredients are also supposed to stabilize the flame so when your engine dynamics changes, the fuel burning remains even. As a result, the fuel burns at the same rate and the motor runs smoothly. It also absorbs moisture, which really helps prevent the disruptions in motor performance.

Among the downsides of this octane booster that works some users notice a strong smell, which isn’t pleasant for everybody.

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1. CAM2 80565-81344-12PK Octane Booster – 12 fl. oz.

CAM2 80565-81344-12PK Octane Booster You can use CAM2 octane booster for motorcycles, cars or garden equipment and you will be equally satisfied with its work in all these cases.

Many reviews prove that using CAM2 octane booster they can fill up the trunk with a cheaper gas yet get a better performance out of their vehicle.

Besides an immediately noticeable octane boost effect, CAM2 octane booster reviews mention its other ingredients and functions: it works against the combustion acids keeping your engine cleaner and safer, as well as has special chemicals that prevent the rust and corrosion of the motor parts.

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Octane boosters are definitely a must-try product. For those who’ve never dealt with them before it might be difficult to choose the product to start with. That’s why we suggest going with any of the five mentioned above. They all have good customer reviews and have proven to show results in engine productiveness and driving experience.

Once you get accustomed to driving on highest octane concentration, then you could move on to trying different options that are more costly and sophisticated or to buy the octane booster in a pack of 8 or 12 which will make it cheaper. And don’t forget to leave your own review once you try it out – we want to know whether the octane booster reviews we read correspond to your personal experience!

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