Champion Spark Plug Review

ChampionThe spark plug is an essential component of every car. It is a vital part of ignition, car maintenance and essential for making the combustion system run well. Old, dirty, worn spark plugs will decrease your engine’s performance and increase fuel consumption too. Having the right spark plug will make your engine run better, consume less fuel and a cleaner engine. The best spark plugs use the recent technology and materials to achieve best performance and durability without compromise.

There are several manufacturers of Spark Plug out there, and each of them promises optimum solution and performance for vehicles. But how do you choose the right spark plug? At xlraceparts, we do reviews of the best product in the market putting in some vital consideration like quality, performance, customer ratings, the manufacturer’s history and other factors that can affect purchasing and usage. The information below is to assist you in getting the best Spark Plug that offers the best performance for your car at a budget-friendly price. Here is our pick:

Champion Spark Plug

For several years Champion has been a leading manufacturer of spark plugs for several combustion automotive engine. The company was established in 1908 by Robert A. Stranahan and Frank D. The American based company was later sold to Cooper Industries, and it is now wholly owned by Federal-Mogul Corporation. The company’s primary product line includes spark plugs and ignition wiring for a wide range of RVs, cars, SUV, racing, trucks, and marine applications. The company has been a longtime sponsor of several racing events. Their products have been a part of the major improvement in every engine. Champion uses the latest innovative technology to design their performing products. The company uses iridium and metal technology to engineer the best product in the market. They produce both OE and replacement upgrade for the world’s automotive manufacturers. Here is a quick review of one of the products they offer:

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Champion RER8ZWYCB4 (9407) Iridium Replacement Spark Plug

The Champion Iridium Replacement Spark Plug delivers maximum life performance with faster throttle response and focused spark. The plug is compatible with Honda, Acura, Dodge, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Ram, Audi, Jeep, and Volkswagen. The spark plug offers the best engine performance irrespective of the ignition system or engine type. The designed heat-active alloy maintains the operating temperature regardless of the load. The Champion Spark Plug is the best in the market. The Spark Plug is designed to deliver quick starts, smooth acceleration, and fuel economy with 60,000 to 100,000 miles service interval. Through several testing, these plugs meet the strict high-quality standards of automotive companies. This spark plug is exceptionally constructed to last for an extended period and durable to use in dangerous weather condition. With an average 4.6 customer star ratings, the Spark Plug is the best you can get in the market.

The Champion Iridium spark plug is five times stronger and harder than platinum plugs. This spark plug is reliable and lasts for an extended period. The stable performance is superb, and there won’t be any problem starting your car. The plug works well if the enhancement of the engine functions and it is easy to install. Most importantly, it saves you from spending too much on fuel and requires low maintenance. The champion is the best spark plug brand for budget mindful customers as well as individuals looking for top quality. For optimal performance, it is recommended that you change your engine filter after using it for every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. With an excellent customer star rating, the Champion Spark Plug remains the best you can get for your car. The Champion Spark Plug has a super high melting point, and a fine tipped electrode, allowing for accurate and extended use.

Product InformationChampion RER8ZWYCB4 (9407) Iridium Replacement Spark Plug

  • Brand:   Champion
  • Size:   1 piece
  • Item Weight:   0.64 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:   0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 inches
  • Folding:   No


With improved fuel efficiency, lower emissions and instant ignition, The Champion Iridium Replacement Spark Plug is the best platinum spark plug at a low price. The Spark Plugs use innovative design and combustion technology to improve torque and horsepower. The Champion Iridium Replacement Spark Plug ignites instantly and burns rapidly to enhance engine performance. The plug is relatively easy to install and is compatible with most cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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