5 Best Spark Plugs

Everything starts with a spark – a fire, a relationship, and an engine of your beloved vehicle. Normally you wouldn’t even think about replacing or improving the performance of your spark plug.

That’s until you start driving in extreme conditions (such as cold temperatures) or until your vehicle becomes older. Then comes the time when you might need a slightly more robust and stronger spark plug that will ignite the motor right away, while taking care of your safety at the same time.

The main difference in spark plugs is in the materials they are made of. Platinum spark plugs cost more than copper ones but they also last longer. In fact hardly no manufacturer today uses copper for the spark plugs production. There are also other particularities that are worth noticing when choosing the right spark plug for your vehicle. So let’s see and compare the most popular models.

TOP 5 Spark Plugs To Buy:

5. New NGK G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs BKR6EGP # 7092

New NGK G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs
NGK G-Power spark plug is made of the best materials on the market. The platinum core part also has a trivalent plating that makes the new NGK spark plug almost invincible to fire, cold and fuel residue coating.

Because of the robust start and strong spark regulator, NGK G-Power Platinum Spark requires just enough voltage to start the car, so you don’t have to try twice! The reviews state that the plugs have to be replaced about every 20,000 miles, but some managed to last for up to 150,000 miles!

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4. Denso (4503) PK16TT Platinum TT Spark Plug

Denso (4503) PK16TT
Denso spark plugs cost just like a package of gum, around 3-4 USD on average, so you’d be surprised the kind of materials they are made of. The latest Denso spark plug models use platinum electrodes in the middle and titanium for the main body.

For the driver is means spending less gas for the engine start and being able to accelerate faster and smoother. Those driving under extreme conditions, such as low temperatures and high waters, will appreciate the purified aluminum insulator that makes the Denso spark plug super resistant.

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3. Bosch 4428 FGR8LQP0 Platinum+4 Spark Plug

Bosch 4428 FGR8LQP0
Bosch spark plug has a brand name that already raises the expectations for its quality. The quality of all materials used leaves no doubt the plug will last for at least 100,000 miles. The electrodes are also pre-fixed in the right position already at the factory, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right placement and angle.

But it’s the technology of the actual spark that is well-thought to the very detail. Bosch spark plug is comprised of 4 electrodes made of yttrium. They work according to the patented air grip technology, which means the actual spark lasts longer. This also eliminates gap wear and makes your engine last longer.

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2. Champion RER8ZWYCB4 (9407) Iridium Spark Plug

Champion RER8ZWYCB4
Champion spark plug is probably the only spark plug in this review made of iridium instead of platinum. Recently people have been trying to avoid iridium in spark plugs because of the conception that it offers less conductivity and can damage the tips. But the Champion spark plugs cost definitely attracts potential buyers over and over again. And the reviews are mostly positive.

The particularity of this Champion spark plug is the way the electrodes are connected inside the device. They are connected by a laser to a platinum ground which ensures a stable performance and temperature resistance. Maybe that’s why they perform so well.

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1. Motorcraft SP-479 Spark Plug

Motorcraft SP-479 Spark Plug
Motorcraft spark plugs can most often be found in such cars as Lincoln, Ford or Mercury. So this would be a natural replacement for your vehicle once you reach around 50,000 miles on the meter. They work with all engine types and all ignition systems.

Motorcraft spark plug has a special heat transfer technology that allows the electrodes to provide necessary temperature in a split second. It has also proved to maintain the same quality of performance even in heavily loaded engines. This probably makes the Motorcraft spark plugs cost one of the most attractive for the trucks.

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As you see, most of the spark plug models we’ve reviewed are made of platinum – it has proven to be the most durable metal for this purpose. But today manufacturers experiment with different combinations of metals and various numbers of the electrodes and/or their connectivity options.

The main secret is that you have to make sure your vehicle is compatible with this or that type of spark plug, because they aren’t all universal. Also it is quite a tedious process to change the plug, so it might make sense to save the money buying it online and then having someone install it at the repair shop.

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