5 Best Spark Plugs in 2018

Top 5 Spark Plugs to Ignite your Engine in 2018

The spark plugs are an integral detail in every vehicle. Fortunately for every car owner, they are quite affordable and easy to replace. Since there is nothing particularly difficult in maintaining this part, many drivers prefer to handle the replacement on their own.

There are a few important facts to remember when it comes to the spark plugs in the car.

First of all, the sparks tend to move from the sharpest notch on the center electrode to the sharpest point on the side one. Therefore, you need to have a plug that would be able to retain the sharp edge all the way through. Namely, the nickel alloy electrodes used in the traditional copper spark plugs have lower melting temperature than the platinum and iridium ones. Next, the diameter of the center electrode determines the required voltage. In other words, the larger the diameter, the more power will be necessary to ignite the spark.

Usually, the choice of spark plugs shrinks to the four most common types:

  • copper spark plugs,
  • platinum spark plugs,
  • iridium spark plugs, and
  • the plugs made of some other material.

This car part is manufactured by several different brands, so it can be quite challenging to decide which one fits your car the best.

TOP 5 Spark Plugs To Buy in 2018:

Choosing the Best Spark Plug

The market is packed with spark plugs. Before making a purchase, you must determine which one is going to be right for your vehicle. The best piece of advice in this matter is to keep going for the plugs that are recommended by the owner’s manual for the engine. The manufacturer is a reliable source of information when it comes to choosing the most suitable details for the car part.

You might have heard of the slight changes in the temperature can impact the overall performance of the spark plug. Sometimes, it can be the case, but in general, the factory-specified plugs are much better for the engine.

The last piece of advice is to replace the plugs before the wear. If you wait until the end of the full-service cycle, you’ll make your life more complicated. After the end date, the plugs can compress the cylinder head, and thus it will be harder to remove them. Likewise, the reduced gas mileage caused by the expiring spark plugs will cost you more than the set of new ones.

5 Most Popular Spark Plugs in 2018

5. New NGK G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs BKR6EGP # 7092

New NGK G-Power Platinum Spark PlugsThe NGK plugs that go in the pack of four items are reliable at least because they are produced by NKG. This brand has proven quality, and its products are characterized by a very high level of durability; at least, people say so.

This very plug was developed especially for OEM specifications, which means that it can provide the anti-seizing protection. The construction of NGK plug reduces the voltage requirements of the ignition system, which is sometimes a very desirable outcome. Like most quality spark plugs, this one is good for fuel economy, and it is expected to lower the emission.

Overall, a very good spark plug. You should be careful with the installation though because you don’t want to damage the new detail. The gap needs no adjustment so you can take off immediately after the installation.

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4. Denso (4503) PK16TT Platinum TT Spark Plug

Denso (4503) PK16TTThe unique feature of this spark plug is the twin-tip technology: a double T combination of platinum and titanium. Thanks to such assembly, the electrodes demonstrate a high performance: provide better acceleration, save the fuel, and increase the starting speed. The material from which this plug is made enables the extreme durability and stress resistance of the detail. Special praise must be given to the purified alumina powder because it not only keeps the temperature on the right verge but also makes the plug lasting.

Denso spark plug is listed in the top 100 best selling items on Amazon, and it has pretty high customer reviews mark. Among the variety of similar automotive products, this particular plug is the best value for money. This is one of those details that make your engine perform like a tiger.

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3. Bosch 4428 FGR8LQP0 Platinum+4 Spark Plug

Bosch 4428 FGR8LQP0The best choice for the drivers who are searching for the powerful spark. As you know, the strength of spark determines the performance of engine; that is why this characteristic makes the detail outstanding. The electrodes within the plug are enhanced with the yttrium ground; thus they ensure that the air and the fuel mix just in the right quantity. This is especially important for the performance of the engine since it depends upon the latter combination.

The car owners would also appreciate the fact that the factory setting of the electrode gap requires no adjustments whatsoever. Also, this plug is very durable. The average driver changes it after 30.000 miles just to follow the maintenance schedule because apart from that, the plug can last much longer. This product is really a quality one. It improves the acceleration and fuel economy, as well as provides much smoother gear shifting. Highly recommended.

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2. Champion RER8ZWYCB4 (9407) Iridium Spark Plug

Champion RER8ZWYCB4This spark plug is a great pick if you have been looking for a well-performing part made of platinum and iridium. Due to the heat-active alloy, the electrodes within the plug reach the desired temperature much faster than in many other models. What is more, they tend to remain stable even if the engine is extremely loaded.

The good thing about Champion plug is that it works well with virtually any type of engine and it will be a great match for every ignition system. With the fast throttle response, you can expect a maximum power from this plug. If you are the proud owner of Audi, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Acura, Chrysler, Honda, Dodge, Volkswagen, Ram, or Porsche, this spark plug is the option for you.

The Champion OEM spark plug performs very well. The only thing that might seem not particularly appealing about this plug is that its electrodes are not protected by a sleeve. They are moving freely, and they can occasionally bend, which is not a very desirable situation.

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1. Motorcraft SP-479 Spark Plug

Motorcraft SP-479 Spark PlugHaving gained 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this model has become an absolute best seller of the previous year. Motorcraft plugs will fit the coil-on-plug and distributor-equipped ignition systems in Mercury, Lincoln, and Ford vehicles. These particular plugs are especially beyond competition when it comes to the 4.6 and 5.4 Ford motors.

Due to the high melting point, this particular spark plug ensures a top-notch erosion resistance level and maintain the gilt-edged performance.

The service intervals of this plug vary from 60.000 to 100.000 miles. Another pleasant moment is that the brand provides a 12-month warranty on the Mercury, Ford, and Lincoln vehicles, as well as the light truck applications. Finally, the plugs create no difficulties in installation, provided that the engine is right.

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All the plugs in the list are really good, so your ultimate choice will only depend on your personal preferences as to the construction, functionality, and desired car performance.

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