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Prodigy Brake Controllers

The prodigy brake controller one is the most leading-edge compared to types in the local car shop. You always require to a specialised store for this, where you aren’t getting the best value (except if you are a frequent client). I currently got the manufacturer set up brake package for my SUV, therefore it had been quite simple to set up. I simply needed to splice four wires together. Additionally it is quick to put together. You don’t have to reset for various weight loads either, merely a push of the button may change from empty to heavy loads. The particular function I love the most is the fact that it really works proportionaly. If you just gently touch the brakes, prodigy break controller only triggers lightly and vice-versa. This makes for smooth halts. I believe this really is worth the cash.

The prodigy brake controller can replace the old Valley Journey ones. The Journey is a old time-delay style in which applies the equivalent braking energy no matter how tough or gentle you use the brake pedal.You may continuously getting reminded that you are towing six thousand lbs behind you by the trailer thumping from the vehicle when you hit the brakes. With the Odyssey style though the energy towards the brakes is straight proportional to the quantity of braking pressure the truck is going through. All comes to a secure, well-controlled cease without any unexpected situations regardless of whether you are simply tapping the brakes or even in tough panic cease function. You will feel this enhancement provides substantial satisfaction towards the general towing experience.

The prodigy brake controller will be delivered to you by UPS in a few days and it is very easy to set up. After installating the prodigy brake controller using the provided segment you will back up to the trailer and plug the trailer in and very easy to follow the instructions to setup the brakes.

The prodigy brake controller will work as advertized also it taken care of the trailer very well. Even if you want to load for the backhaul to Grand Rapids, the trailer maybe let’s say 10k pounds. The trip will also go very well and you can use both the proportional and also the handbook options to view how they words. Again prodigy brake controller will agreeably surprise you because it works as you see on tv and there is not much of a learning curve. There are quite a few selections for example lighting and colours and so on, and dont think such a high tech equipment is extensive, you will get it at a reasonable price, and it keeps you saft on road.

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The overall impression for all costomers is excellent and there is no any bad feedback at this time. You will also like the choice of the cabling harness which is created especially for your vehicle – prodigy brake controller is one of the best electronics installs you may ever done.

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