HID Xenon Headlight Conversion Kit by Kensun Review

HID Xenon Headlight Conversion Kit by KensunHID lights can provide a higher light output with much less power consumption. It is believed that a 35w HID lamp can produce thrice light output than a regular 55w halogen bulb. Also, an HID headlight uses less energy during operation compared to the standard bulb or OEM light. The HID headlamp provides longer service life.

Surprisingly, most modern cars come with standard halogen headlights, and the light produced especially during severe weather condition and late evening can be poor. Fortunately, the HID conversion kit enables you to upgrade from OEM to HID headlights.

There are various models of headlight kits on the market today, which makes choosing and purchasing the right one a difficult task. With this review, we have summarized one of the best models in the market, which makes buying a quite easy and convenient one. Here is our top pick that you can get for your car:

Kensun HID Xenon Headlight

Kensun is one of the top-rated manufacturers of HID kits on the market that produces a high-intensity light, more efficient than the factory or the Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) light. The light illuminates a larger area of the road and provides better visibility for drivers during a late evening drive and severe weather like heavy rainfall or fog. The kit takes less than 25 minutes to install, as it is a plug and play, which means you don’t have to cut wires or go through the stress of calling an expert for installation, though some vehicles may need professional advice for installation for the headlight to work at the highest level. You get the chance to pick from different colors of headlight ranging from blue, white, purple, bright yellow, to pink. The kit is also available in all sizes of your choice.

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The HID Xenon Headlight is the best in the market that successfully combines legal usage with the best visibility on the road. The Xenon headlight is the best product you can get for an enjoyable driving experience. The kit comes with everything you will need for installation; it includes an aluminum briefcase-like container, a pair of high-quality HID xenon bulbs, mounting brackets, the instruction manual and the universal water-proof, shock-proof and weather-proof high-quality premium ballasts. Both the ballasts and lamps are produced using first-class materials to ensure the best performance.

Product information:

  • Brand:   Kensun
  • Size:   9006-HB4
  • Color:   1000k
  • Item Weight:   2.3 pounds
  • Folding:   No
  • Vehicle Service Type:   ATV
  • Wattage:   35.00

With an average 4.5-star customer satisfaction rating not only the review is positive, but Kensun’s customer service is also always available to attend to your needs, ensuring you have a smooth installation. Kensun knows the importance of having your product in one piece, that’s why their kit is always shipped inside an aluminum briefcase-like container to prevent the content from being squished by the time it gets to the mailbox. In addition to easy installation, the product is durable and roughed to withstand any weather condition at a budget-friendly price and with a two-year warranty.

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