SDX HID Headlight DC Xenon “Premium” Conversion Kits Review

SDX HID Headlight DC Xenon "Premium" Conversion Kits ReviewHID lights are famous in the automobile industry today because they offer much higher illumination than the standard or OEM lights with less energy consumed during operation. Surprisingly, only a few companies include these lights as their primary lighting system, even though the components are durable and inexpensive. Fortunately, the HID conversion kit enables you to upgrade from OEM to HID headlights.

There are various models of HID Headlight kits on the market today, which makes choosing and purchasing the right one a difficult task. With this review, we have summarized one of the best models in the market, which makes buying a quite easy and convenient one. Here is our top pick that you can get for your car:

Less than 20 minutes installation time, a selection of colors and bulb sizes, and premium quality ballasts make this headlight the best product available on the market. A two-year warranty is included when you buy this product; the premium ballast can fit into your car without giving trouble during installation. The product is one of the most used product on the market with an average 4.8-star customer rating. Like other HID conversion kits, the premium conversion kit is a plug and play and other parts fix up very quickly without the need to cut, stripe, or find other means around the wiring. The kit comes with everything you will need for installation; it includes an aluminum briefcase-like container, a pair of high-quality HID xenon bulbs, mounting brackets, the instruction manual, and a universal water-proof, shock-proof and weather-proof high-quality premium ballasts.

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The SDX Premium HID Headlight is one of the most affordable and dependable headlights on the market that offers excellent quality and bright lighting system. With color temperatures ranging from 3000k to 30000k, you have the choice to pick what you want in different sizes. The electrical components are straightforward to install and are designed to withstand any weather conditions. The product combines style, power, and performance ensuring you get the optimum visibility during the late time and bad weather drives. The bulb has no filament and a more extensive range of illumination. It also helps improving performance and eliminates any potential risk of shocks and short circuit. These headlights fit perfectly into your OEM headlights place.

Product Information:

  • Brand:   SDX
  • Model:   SDX-H-1154
  • Size:   9006 (HB4)
  • Color:   8000k
  • Package Dimensions:   8.1 x 7.7 x 3.4 inches
  • Folding:   No
  • Bulb Type:   High-Intensity Discharge (HID)
  • Vehicle Service Type:   ATV, Dirt Bike, Scooter, Snowmobile, Street Bike
  • Wattage:   35.00

The SDX Premium HID Headlight is a particularly effective option for anyone looking to upgrade the lighting system. When compared to other products, SDX Premium HID Headlight is brighter, more durable and more energy efficient one that will fit virtually every car, Bike, SUVs, ATV, Street Bike and more. Note: It is important to adjust the headlight to ensure you are not blinding other drivers coming toward or in front of you. The product is best you can have for an off-road vehicle. Thanks for reading as we hope you make the best choice.

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