ZHOL Am-Fm Hidden Windshield Antenna Review

ZHOL Am-Fm Hidden Windshield AntennaRadio is something more than just music: it’s about news, broadcasts, shows, interaction, and programmes– that’s why many people love it. If you prefer radio stations and enjoy it as we do, we have something interesting for you. In case you want to upgrade your car or boat radio antennas that can help you receive better radio signal then you are at the right place. We know that buying the right antenna is not an easy task with the number of antennas available in the market today. We tried to make this simpler for you by selecting one of the best product money can buy. We provide excellent reviews to make shopping and purchasing comfortable and convenient for consumers.

Do you want to improve your radio signal to increase your listening enjoyment? Then the ZHOL Windshield Antenna is the best product. The AM-FM radio antenna has the best radio reception and the most radio channels you can get.  For years, ZHOL has been the leading manufacturer of AM/FM car antennas. The AM/FM antennas meet the needs of every car and boat by providing simple, practical solutions to low or scrambled channel signal. Enjoy music, sports, news and radio conversation with a ZHOL AM/FM antenna. ZHOL is the number one source for the best AM-FM radio antennas.

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The antenna has a magnetic suction cup that attracts the windshield without damaging it. Just stick the antenna to your preferred position, and you are good to go. The magnetic antenna is easy to install with no worries. The antenna is excellent and can be used in any weather condition. The universal AM/FM is easy to use and can be kept or install anywhere in the car or boat as it does not take much space.

The antenna can be installed on the windshield using the adhesive sealing pad provided; it can also be fitted on or under the dashboard of your vehicle. The antenna is manufactured with a high-grade material, which allows to hook or stick to the glass easily without the antenna bending or breaking. The antenna will work well on cars, trucks, SUVs, boats and many more. The new property design enhances performance with MICO screen element. The antenna is small and sleek and you can stick it to anywhere in almost every car or boat. The universal AM/FM antenna can be easily hidden away in your truck, cars and even on boat.


  • AM radio- 535 kHz- 1.7 MHz
  • FM radio – 88 MHz to 108 MHz

Technical Details:

  • Brand Name:    ZHOL
  • Item Weight:    1 pound
  • Product Dimensions:    2.8 x 4.6 x 1.6 inches

Select the product and take advantage of the reputation built by ZHOL. The antenna is budget friendly and offers maximum radio reception for your vehicles or boat. The antenna operates on all DIGITAL and Traditional AM/FM Radios, easy to install and catches a lot of stations on the FM/AM. Thanks for reading as we hope you make the best choice.

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