Alla Lighting H8/H11-50W LED Fog Light Bulbs Review

Alla Lighting H8/H11-50W LED Fog Light Bulbs ReviewDuring rainy or foggy weather, it’s difficult to find the way regardless of whether your car came with industry fog lights or not. Having good fog lights is a crucial requirement for safe and comfortable driving. An ideal solution would be to buy a LED fog light bulb. This bulb is one of the best sources of LED fog light due to its high luminous power and compact nature.

LED fog light bulb can generate a lot of energy with less power and have proven to last longer when compared to most other types. However, picking the best-LED fog light bulb can be overwhelming, especially as each company will claim that they have the best. To make things more straightforward, and limit your choices of the models and brands, we have pick Alla Lighting H8/H11-50W LED Fog Light Bulbs, which is one of the best-LED fog light bulbs on the market. If you’re not familiar with LED light bulbs, then we strongly recommend Alla Lighting H8/H11-50W LED Fog Light Bulbs. With no further delay, we’re going to review Alla H8/H11-50W LED Fog Light Bulbs below.

Review of the Alla Lighting H8/H11-50W LED Fog Light Bulb

Specific Features:

  • Technology:   LED (CREE)
  • Power:   50W (10W draw, 700 lumens)
  • Color:   White (6,000K)
  • Warranty:   1 year
  • Lifespan:   50,000 hours

Alla Lighting is a California-based lighting distributor, this company sells not only light bulbs but also a full range of LED-based interiors, turn signals, license plates and much more. If you like incredibly bright lights for your car, then the Alla Lighting H8/H11-50W LED Fog Light Bulb option is for you. Alla Light LED fog lights line is vibrant and diverse, and these lights are typically used at particular car repair shops where an expert can help you find the fog light LED option.

Your car will be shining bright like a diamond with a voltage of 12 to 24 and at 900 lumens per bulb. This neatly made LED light bulb promises 50,000-hour lifespan with a 1-year warranty. It has 10-pieces newest version high power and high illumination 5W SMD LEDs. Compatible with the stock cross-reference numbers: H8, H11, H11LL, H8LL, H16 type 2, etc.

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Much like the other LED fog light bulbs, this product requires no additional cooling fan or extra circuitry in the form of drivers. This bulb serves as a replacement for fog light or DRL only; it is not for use as low or high beam headlamp because it has no low or high beam function. The price is reasonable, and the product has an excellent customer rating.

Product information:

  • Size:   H11

Technical Details:

  • Brand:   Alla Lighting
  • Item Weight:    1.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:    8 x 4 x 6 inches
  • Item model number:    H8/H11-50W
  • Manufacturer Part Number:    ALL-H11-HP-50W
  • Position:   Front
  • Folding:   No
  • Bulb Type:   LED
  • Mirror Lighting Type:   automotive-exterior-fog-light-bulbs
  • Voltage:   12 volts
  • Wattage:   10 watts

If you’re interested in paying the price for the best, then Alla Lighting H8/H11-50W LED Fog Light Bulbs should be your be your preferred choice. This bulb is one of the best lighting tools on today’s market with top-notch build quality coupled with onboard CREE branded chips and an extraordinary light output. We recommend this bulb to people who are on a quest towards finding the best.

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