Magnadyne Rv70-96 Antenna Review

Magnadyne Rv70-96 AntennaThe majority of the time that people listen to their satellite radio is when they are inside their car. However, antenna placement and location on the vehicle is vital but there are car antennas that will get you better reception. The way that you can stand out from those who have a car radio is to buy an antenna and get it installed for improved performance. You need to pay attention to the brand and type of antenna that you buy.

One of the best brands of car antenna is Magnadyne. This company operates as a provider of various automotive electronics products. Magnadyne specializes in developing custom-tailored products to accurately fit customer’s needs by offering a wide variety of single and multi-band of antennas. We know that choosing the best car radios antenna can be a confusing as well as an overwhelming process. In this article, we have researched the market and came across Magnadyne RV70-96 Antenna, which is one of the best product currently on the market. Below is a review of the Magnadyne RV70-96 Antenna to assist you to break it down as well as make your choice easier.

Review Of The Magnadyne Rv70-96 Antenna

The Magnadyne RV70-96 Antenna is a standard car antenna that comes with 180-degree swivel base, which allows for horizontal or vertical mounting position. This antenna is cylindrical and smaller than some car antennas. The Magnadyne RV70-96 Antenna provides the best range and most accurate readings possible by moving the antenna higher and outside the car.

In spite of the open capture area, this antenna has an incredibly light weight of only 2.00 lbs. All steel structures have a sturdy spring, which allows the antenna to bend rather than to break if hit by something. The antenna comes with 96 inches length cable and is replaceable. This antenna has a long wire to allow for routing behind the dashboard.  This device is very easy to install and catches a large number of stations on the FM.

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The Magnadyne RV70-96 Antenna can be mounted anywhere in your car such as on your dash, in your glove box, in your hatchback, in your rear window, in your trunk and has its own long ground cable with an eye on end. The antenna is an excellent and robust all-weather antenna and can be used for a truck or RV that is making long trips. The Magnadyne RV70-96 antenna comes with its own stainless mounting bolts, lock washers, and nuts. We would recommend this antenna for any long hauler or RV user that can’t live without their satellite radio.

Technical Details:

  • Item Weight:   13.6 ounces
  • Package Dimensions:   31.8 x 3 x 2.8 inches
  • Item model number:   RV70-96

This review is of much significance to those who are searching for a perfect quality car radio antenna. Choosing the antenna that is right for your car is vital. Function, durability, and signal strength are all essential, so before buying any antenna, make sure that you read and understand all the features it offers. The Magnadyne RV70-96 antenna is a good buy and available online. It includes guidelines as well as steps on how to install the antenna.

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