Subaru Forester Seat Covers Review

The Star of the SUV Class

Subaru ForesterSubaru Forester is a true star in the small SUV class. This car combines a solid safety equipment, hence a relative crashworthiness, a spacious interior, and an outstanding visibility – all available in an affordable package. Forester also demonstrates an excellent fuel economy at 26 mpg. This automobile is the one to give you a smooth driving experience as it secures a very stable handling. However, you may still notice a subtle engine noise while going through the obstacles on the road, namely, when merging or climbing the hills.

Subaru Forester has very simple and easy-to-use controls. The updated connectivity and infotainment systems have been enhanced with the intuitive touch-screen. Forester costs a lot, but the good news is that you really get what you pay for. The option packages offer numerous advantages for the proud Subaru owner. For example, you can have such perks as the optional EyeSight system that incorporates the automatic emergency braking and the forward collision warning.

Practical and Comfortable Seat Covers

The brand FH Group distributes the quality products and sells some really good seat covers for Subaru Forester. This particular model is made of polyester fabric with 3mm foam padding, which is a very practical, washable, and breathable material. Such accessories are necessary for your car as they create the comfort in the interior and protect its parts from physical damage.

Comfort and Quality for Your Forester

The sleek and minimalistic design of the Subaru Forester seat covers 2016 can preserve and significantly prolong the lifespan of Forester seats, and arrange it in an incredibly stylish way. This model is made in black, but you can surf the website to find the items in ten colors. If you would like to add more variety to the interior, check out these seat covers; Subaru Forester is the kind of automobile to allow such experiments.

The whole bundle includes the following items: 1 rear backrest cover, 2 front low back bucket covers, 4 separate headrest covers, 1 rear bottom bench cover, and 1 bag of snaps.

Product Information:

  • Brand: FH GroupFH GROUP FH-FB032115 Unique Flat Cloth Seat Cover
  • Model: FB032115BLACK
  • Item Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 13.3 x 10.7 x 6.1 inches
  • Item Model Number: FB032115BLACK
  • Manufacturer Part Number: FB032115BLACK
  • Folding: No

The fabric used for the covers gives the softness to the seat due to the dispersion of the foam. It also keeps the driver and the passengers comfortable and cool in the hot weather. Likewise, the fabric ensures that the covers will not interfere with the heated seats of the car.

The seat covers are semi-customized. This important detail indicates that the model will fit most vehicles. Finally, the adjustable straps and concealed Velcro opening make the removal and installation processes very easy. You can easily put the headrests back on as the bucket covers are equipped with the velcro opening on the top. The fabric bench in FH Group Subaru Forester car seat covers has 52 inches in length.

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Purchase and Installation

Before purchasing this item for your car, it is highly recommended to check the compatibility of this item with your automobile. For example, you have to make sure that the headrests in your car are removable; otherwise, you won’t be able to install the item to your car.

There are a few other peculiarities that you should remember before buying this set. Namely, remember that it is not compatible with the rear split function and front side airbags.

Apart from that, this model fits the majority of automobiles, SUVs, and trucks. The process of installation is also fairly easy. You can do it on your own after watching a couple of instructional videos. Or else, you can always go to the service center and change the seat covers; Subaru Forester would look much better with the ones from FH Group.

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