Subaru Forester
Subaru Forester

There are not many manufacturers who make cars as tough as Subaru. And the Forester is one of its toughest vehicles. First on our roads nearly thirty years ago now, this was one of the first SUV vehicles.  Cars today could learn a little from Subaru of thirty years ago, as some still do not match the off-road ability, Spiderman like grip and passenger comfort of those early cars.  Today’s Foresters are even more refined.


Four-wheel drive is standard, and this makes the car ideal for all kinds of driving conditions and environments.  Turbo charged engines are an option, and these deliver good power and a fun driving experience.  The latest models offer more internal space – not that this was ever really a problem.  New cars have seen greater safety devices added.



Positive Attributes of the Subaru Forester


  • Great off-road ability
  • Secure on road characteristics
  • Decent fuel economy
  • Good range of trim, with top of the range cars very well equipped indeed
  • Post 2009 vehicles very roomy inside, and more SUV like compared to early examples.


Things against the Subaru Forester


Subaru have always been about producing a good car that is reliable and does the job it sets out to do to the best of its ability.  Looks have been a secondary consideration, from the lanky, van like shapes of the early models to the ‘hard to find in a car park’ looks of today.


Parts and Accessories?


Our website features a range of parts and accessories for your Subaru Forester.

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