A New Vehicle Considered Rustproofing as an Essential Option

A New Vehicle Considered Rustproofing as an Essential OptionRusting not only reduces the aesthetics of the car, it also corrodes the structure causing much damage. This happens when a car is exposed to the elements. It interacts with the ferrous metals on the vehicle’s body. An interesting fact is more cars are sent to the junkyards today due to rusting than mechanical failures. A tiny section seen on the outside means that there is a huge damaged section underneath.

Upon purchase of a brand new car, there is a standard factory undercoating and rustproofing limited to some surfaces. The buyer has to request this from the manufacturer. More often than not, this is inadequate. Unfinished metal surfaces of the car are treated with a petroleum-based compound. Rustproofing is considered a good investment for people who don’t buy and sell automobiles often. The most ideal time to do so is when the vehicle is around three months old or has traveled 3,000 miles only. After that, complete protection even after rustproofing would be difficult because moisture might have already seeped in grime and hard to reach areas. It’s also unwise to do so after the vehicle has been exposed to salt water.

The kit contains detailed instructions and has enough material for a full-size car. The whole process, including cleaning and drying, will take 4-5 hours. Wear goggles to protect your eyes and have two sets of old clothes to change in. Rustproofing should not be done in humid weather when metal parts are damp. Do not treat any section that emits heat like the engine, radiator core, manifold, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, drive shaft, manifold, and transmission. Seals, tubes, and gaskets can become brittle as it is the effect on rubber. This includes tires which should be covered in plastic or thick towels. Should you spill some on yourself, kerosene or a mineral solvent can remove it easily.

Do not apply to areas which are exposed to heat, like the engine, transmission, driveshaft, manifold, exhaust, pipes, catalytic converter, and radiator core. Rubber seals, tubes and gaskets because it makes them brittle. Don’t start the process during very humid days when surfaces are damp.

Rustproof the under body of the vehicle by using two sets of safety jack stands. Remember to put on the goggles. All exterior trims on the car must be removed to be treated, include mounting holes, and clips before putting back the trims. Most rustproofing kits require that the material be injected into hollow body parts through drilling access holes. Grommets are provided in order to seal the holes afterwords. Review the instructions inside the kit carefully. Proper application will ensure that your car remains free of rust for the longest time possible.

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