Learn the Basics of Buying a Hot Dune Buggy

Learn the Basics of Buying a Hot Dune Buggy

So you want to buy a dune buggy. You’re new to the sport, don’t know much about it, but it looks hot. So you’ve decided to find a dune buggy for sale and buy it and get into the sport. Before you consider buying a dune buggy there’s a few things you ought to think about.

The first is to decide if you should build or buy a dune buggy. Now for many that’s just not an issue. Building a dune buggy is a long process that requires skills, and lots and lots of time. And you don’t take it on lightly. Dune buggies are like any other vehicle, if you decide to build one you really need to know what you’re doing. Don’t try to build your own buggy unless you’re confident.

Otherwise you need to find a good dune buggy for sale and buy it. There’s lots of dune buggies for sale, but not all of them will suit your needs. So here’s a few more things for the dune buggy buyer to think about.

First comes a consideration of your needs. What do you need your buggy to do? For example there are many who just use their buggy to cruise the streets, not that there’s anything wrong with that. But if so your needs will be quite different to someone who wants to get into the sand.

So of course you have to buy a buggy that’s street legal. If it’s not then it’s no use to you. And there’s also no need to buy one with four wheel drive, for example, that’s just spending money on something that you don’t need.

How many people will you need to carry? Now you’re not going to be taking the whole family shopping in your buggy, but there are still plenty of people who love to take along someone else. Maybe you’d like to take your girlfriend with you on a sand dune weekend. No use in a single seater. And you can buy buggies that take 4 people, though there’s not many.

What size do you want? This relates to what you want to do with your buggy, but there’s some other factors involved too. How much storage space do you have? It wouldn’t be the first time someone bought a buggy then found they couldn’t fit it into the garage.

What size trailer do you have, or can you borrow? Because of course if you buy a buggy that’s too big for your trailer you’re in all sorts of trouble. Some buggies are street legal of course, so don’t need a trailer if you can drive them to where you plan to play, but many need to be trailered.

And you need to find out more about dune buggy lingo. Like many sports there is a language all it’s own and to fit in you need to learn it. What is a sandrail? What is a Baja Bug?

And if you don’t know it now you’re going to need to get started on learning the basics of mechanics. You don’t have to be an expert but if you’re into dune buggies you’re going to be working on motors, so start learning. It’s fun and it’s a part of the sport.

This is, I’m sure, a little simple to someone who’s owned buggies for years, but for the beginner who wants to buy their first dune buggy that’s the basics. You need to do your homework and find out what your needs are and do some serious learning. Get started learning but don’t buy until you know what your needs are.

And of course start saving, you’ll need some money. There are some wonderful place where you can find cheap dune buggies for sale online, there’s plenty on my website, but it’s not a cheap sport. So start saving for your first dune buggy today.

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