How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Truck Or Car?

How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Truck Or Car?

There are several aftermarket adjustments that car users can make to improve the performance and appearance of their car. These adjustments are not just about the look, but also to improve the car performance on the road. These upgrades also enhance your off-road driving experience. Raising the height of a truck is one of the most popular upgrades truck owners make, as it allows the driver to add larger-diameter wheels and tires without causing any contact or rubbing against the vehicle’s fenders.

In the article below, we will discuss the cost of lifting a truck. To start with, we will explain few reasons you might want to raise a car. Meanwhile, the other section will focus on the different methods and cost of lifting a truck.

Why You Should Lift Your Truck

To first with, let us give you some reasons you might want to raise/lift your truck. Though it can be pricey, the cost can be justified given the numerous benefits it offers.

Higher Ground Clearance

If you are an off-road driver, this will benefit you a lot given the rough roads and rocks you have to drive through. Lifting the truck will be a good idea as it will make the components underneath your truck safe and sound. Higher ground clearance will make the off-road drive more enjoyable as you will be confident that your truck parts will not be easily damaged or affected by rocks and other road debris.

Improved Towing

Most towing drivers prefer using a truck over an SUV or sedan because of its high towing capacity. When you lift your vehicle, you create more room for suspension making it easier to tow. When the truck is not raised, towing can add stress to the suspension system which will cause tear and wear. Lifting your truck also improve load handling which will be beneficiary when hauling cargo or other objects.

Improve Driving Experience

Lifting improve your driving experience especially off-road drivings, the higher the truck is, the more comfortable you feel when driving through rough terrains and rocks. The experience is a lot smoother since you don’t feel too much of roughness of the road.

Improved Look

A lifted truck with bigger tires will make the truck look like a beast on the road.

Different ways and the cost of lifting a truck

Now that we have an idea on how good truck lifting is, in this section, we will discuss some methods and the average cost to lift a truck. Price will be expressed in dollars to make things much easier, and these are rough estimates and not the exact price.

Use of a Leveling Kit

Using a leveling kit is one of the most popular methods of lifting your truck. It is considered by many as the cheapest, easiest and can be installed by DIY and professional mechanics, which makes it even more popular. With the leveling kit, your truck can be instantly lifted from one to three inches. Leveling kit raises the front of the truck to level with the back end of the truck. The main advantage is to have the clearance leveled/matched with each other. One of the reasons why most drivers go for this method is because it doesn’t validate the warranty from the manufacturer. In case you no longer need leveling in the future maybe your truck needs to be returned or leased, the leveling kit can easily be removed and restored to its original state.

Price: the cost can be around $20 or even more. But if you need the best performance or a more elaborate kit for your truck like polyurethane coil spacer kits, it can cost as much as $500. Some advanced packages cost as much as $2,000. A leveling kit is easy and straightforward to install. However, if you require a professional, then the price should be around $500.

Use a Body Lift Kit

Body lift kits can be used to add up to three inches to the height of your truck. The method only affects the height of the cabin and does not manipulate the truck suspension. A urethane block can be used to lift the cabin while spacers and bumper brackets can be used to modify other parts that may be affected.

Price: Depends on the kit you are using, a body lift can cost between $80 to $2,300 or even more. A professional should do installation because using this method can prove complicated due to added parts like steering brackets and extensions. Different factors can influence the price, such as the quality of materials used, the model and brand of truck and the pro hired. The cost should be around $1,000.

The suspension lift method

The suspension lift method raises the entire truck including the frame and the suspension, allowing the use of larger tires and others things. This method may require changing your truck system such as brake upgrades, gear ratio modification, changing worn bolts and nuts and adding a shock absorber. You may also need to replace or adjust the steering rack.

Price: Professionals should do installation because of the complicated steps and processes required. Cost depends on several factors such as the model of the truck, kit used, and the professional hired. The suspension kits price range can cost as high as $1,200, and installation could be around $5,000.

Block Kits

Block kit only level the rear of your truck with the back. This method adds height without spending too much and can be installed by DIY and professionals.

Price: The block kit doesn’t cost too much. You can pay anywhere between $30 to $600 depending on the quality and the model of your truck. If you opt for professional installation, this should be around $500 depending on the mechanic.


There are other options you can apply to lift your truck. So, how much does it cost to raise a truck? Depending on the method you decide to use. If you are on a tight budget, you can choose either a block kit or leveling kit which you can install yourself without getting help. But if you have some money to spend, then the body or suspension kits brings out the best outcome. Remember before you decide to lift your truck, think of the benefits of raising a truck and your financial circumstances especially if you are on a tight budget.

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