Body Lift Kit for Dodge Durango Review

Performance Accessories (60053) Body Lift Kit for Dodge DurangoDodge Durango is a sports utility vehicle that first hit the market in the late 1990s. This auto has always been a very masculine kind compared to other crossover SUVs. The model is pretty powerful. You can choose between the 3.6 litre V6 (with 293 hp) and a more impressive 5.7 litre V8 (with 360 hp). Similarly, Durango goes in all-wheel – and rear-drive with a standard 8-speed automatic.

The current models of this auto are manufactured by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US.This is a very mainstream brand in the country, and frankly, we understand why. The strong points of the car are its masculine vibe, top-notch dynamics, and a comfortable interior. However, its heftiness may hurt the performance.

Dodge Durango Lift Kit

A body lift is a common vehicle modification that the drivers undertake to install the larger tires on their cars. This modification involves the installation of spacers that allows the body be mounted to the frame in order to raise the clearance between tires and the body. The adjustment can be built at home from components or obtained as kits from the manufacturers.

While a this procedure might induce an aesthetic change in the car, it doesn’t enhance a car’s ground performance. This is where the body lifts differ from suspension lifts, which are designed to facilitate a car’s ground clearance.

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Complete kits comprise of:

  1. Brackets: for the realignment of bumpers to match the body.
  2. Gap Guards: to provide a cover for the frame.
  3. Steering shaft extensions and extensions for fuel filler necks (this depends on car model).

Features of the Dodge Durango Lift Kit:

Performance Accessories (60053) Body Lift Kit for Dodge Durango

  1. This body lift kit for Dodge Durango enables a three-inch lift without the modification of existing suspension components.
  2. The accessory also allows the installation of larger diameter tires and factory rims for enhanced ground clearance.
  3. It doesn’t change the OEM suspension geometry and doesn’t alter the factory stability control parameters.
  4. With a comparable suspension lift, these kits also keep the vehicle’s centre of gravity at a lower level.
    Purchase and Installation

The accessories are good, 4 stars on Amazon out of five, so don’t worry about the quality of these accessories. The only piece of advice for those considering to buy it is to make sure that it fits your vehicle. If we’re talking about this model of Dodge, it certainly fits, but in case you own another vehicle, do a little research.

The installation of the kit is not very difficult. You can do it in your garage with a couple of friends at hand, and it will take you around 6-7 hours. The kit is equipped with all the details that you’ll need for the installation. All the parts are made of a good-quality material, and you’ll be satisfied. As we’ve mentioned before, this car accessory doesn’t alert either the factory stability control settings or OEM suspension geometry. Likewise, it allows you to install the larger wheels if you want to enhance the clearance.

The only possible issue is that you might have to dedicate more efforts to deal with the brake lines, fuel lines at a tank, rear bumper, radiator hoses, and steering extension. The rest should be easy. Or you can simply take the car to the service center and have everything installed for you.

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