6 Best Portable DVD Player For Car in 2018

Who doesn’t like a good road trip? Being surrounded by family and friends, nice view, smooth ride – probably this is exactly what Henry Ford envisioned when he developed American automobile culture. And what makes any car trip so much better is fun music to listen to or movies to occupy the passengers with. This vehicle entertainment unit is a must for any travel occasion!

We are so used to having a car portable DVD player that it seems like there should be no big trouble choosing one – however, the variety of options can leave everybody stuck with the choice. Depending on the functions you need there are a couple of offers available on the market and here’s what you need to know about them.

Here’s the Best Portable DVD Player For Car to buy at 2018:

6. Proscan PDVD1037 10-Inch Dual Screen DVD Player

Proscan PDVD1037 10-Inch Dual Screen DVD PlayerIs 9-inch screen too small for you? Then you must absolutely love Proscan portable DVD player for car – with its outstanding 10 inches, this device can make you feel like at home even being on a long 30-hour road trip. And to top it off – it has two screens instead of one!

The device can play movies or music from DVDs, CDs, USB memory cards and supports all of the available image file formats. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an option to resume the playback from the moment where you last left it.

It’s also nice that Proscan car portable DVD player comes together with headphones, remote control, long enough cables for connectivity in mini vans and for even more convenience it has its own battery. At the same time it is lightweight – which is important for firm mounting around the headrests area.

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5. RCA DRC79981E 9-Inch Mobile DVD Player with Additional 9-inch Screen

RCA DRC79981E 9RCA portable car DVD player was made for real movie lovers who aren’t willing to compromise on picture quality even on the go. It features a bigger than usual 9-inch screen, a remote control and high quality picture resolution.

It comes in a set together with car straps and power cables, has both headphones outputs and built-in speakers. For the ultimate viewer experience, the RCA portable DVD player for car picks up the movie or song wherever you last left it – a feature not so common for most car players.

Among the drawback mentioned by users are: no volume buttons on remote control, since the unit doesn’t have its own battery capacity, it has to be connected to the car engine to work, that’s why many people buy a longer charging cord to go with it.

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4. Sylvania SDVD7027 7-Inch Portable DVD Player with Car Bag/Kit, Swivel Screen, USB/SD Card Reader (Purple)

Sylvania SDVD7027Sylvania portable DVD player for car is a cool entertainment unit that offers high quality picture and stable performance throughout whole ride. The picture quality can be adjusted thanks to a 180 degree spinning screen and brightness regulators.

Sylvania portable DVD player can be used to view movies, listen to the music, view photos and play games. The entertainment file sources can be: DVDs and CDs (Both R and RW), USB drives or SD memory cards. Audio can be played both out loud using built-in speakers or through headphones, which is great for other passengers’ convenience.

The player works from the car power source, but also has its own battery, so you can play movies even when the car is stopped. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an option to remember where you stopped watching a movie after the device has been shut off.

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3. Sylvania SDVD8739 7″ Dual-Screen Portable DVD Player

Sylvania SDVD8739 DVD PlayerIf you don’t want to buy two DVD players for each one of your kids or passengers, Sylvania portable car DVD player is the best option. It already comes as a set of two 7-inch screens with decent picture resolution. It doesn’t have a battery, so works only being connected to car engine source.

This portable DVD player is very simple to install and very durable to various hits and bumps. Supports most of the movie and music formats, each unit has headphones inputs (but the basic set comes without headphones).

Among downsides of Sylvania car portable DVD player many users mention absence of remote control, need of longer cords for connectivity, no option to pick up the movie where it was left last time. But overall, it is a very good option in terms of price/quality ratio.

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2. DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player with Rechargeable Battery, SD Card Slot and USB Port – Black

DBPOWER 9.5DBPower portable car DVD player is more than just a player, it is a whole entertainment unit. It comes in a package with a remote control, adapter, game controller and a bunch of cables to be used to connect the device to various sources.

There are a couple of ways to download audio or video files on your DBPower portable car player: USB drive, CDs, DVDs, SD memory cards and etc. It can read MP3 and MP4, MPEG, JPEG file formats. Whatever it is you want – DBPower portable DVD player for car can play it all!

DBPower portable car DVD player has a pretty impressive battery capacity – it can play movies for up to 5 hours. The screen rotates 270 degrees and flips 180 degrees for better visibility.

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1. NAVISKAUTO 10.1 Inch TFT LCD Wide Digital Screen Ultra-thin Car Headrest DVD Player Multimedia Player Raspberry Pi Monitor with HDMI Port and Remote Control(CH1001B)

NAVISKAUTO 10.1Naviskauto portable DVD player for car is a very decent device for both entertainment on board and studying or conducting business while on the road. It supports good quality of movies (up to 720 pixels), as well as wireless and discs games. The music and films can be played from multiple formats: USB, DVDs, CDs, EMVB, SVCD and etc.

While it is specifically designed for in-car usage (rounded edges to avoid hitting your kids, different mounting options, amortization in case of bumpy rides), it can also be used for home entertainment.

The downsides of Naviskauto portable car DVD player can be absence of touchscreen (it is controlled by touch buttons), but one of the coolest things about it is possibility to synchronize a couple of Naviskauto car portable DVD players or it can be synched with laptop, phone or kindle.

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It doesn’t matter whether you are going to use a portable car DVD player to listen to your favorite beats on the way to work or to keep your young ones from wining during a long drive – you absolutely must get one for your car! Hopefully, this review will make your choice easier and faster now.

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