5 Best Ice Scrapers in 2018

During a winter season, people spend much time to protect their home and vehicles. Normally, most parts of the world face heavy snowfall, and it becomes a problem for many people as they get caught in different situations such as when they wake up, there is snow outside the house, the car is wrapped up in ice, and you are in a hurry to reach office or school. The only thing you need at that moment is an Ice scraper for the car. An ice scraper is a handy tool which can facilely be used to remove frost and ice from your car’s mirror or windows. Basically, scrapers have a plastic handle of a brush or blade at a front. In winters, you should always keep an ice scraper in your car as it clears frozen car windows within minutes. There are many ice scrapers available in the market that falls in various price ranges that might confuse you. In this review, we included the top 5 best ice scrapers for car that allow you to reach the destination on time.

Best Ice Scrapers to Buy in 2018

5. Hopkins 2610XM Subzero 52″ Super Extender Snowbroom (Colors may vary)

Hopkins 2610XM
For over forty years Hopkins Manufacturing and Subzero have shaped the winter snow and ice tools category. The wide blades on ice scrapers clear away frost with fewer strokes and less effort, and the powerful ice chippers break up the thickest ice of the season. This product has a heavy duty broom for snow clearing power and a steel extender handle with soft cushion grip and an extra wide blade with the convenient squeegee. This is an ideal ice scraper for trucks, vans, and even SUVs. More so, the hand grip of this ice scraper product and pole style is very stylish but may vary slightly. This is capable of pushing the wettest, deepest snow from your entire vehicle. Its telescopic handle can be adjusted to the desired size up to 52 inches. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with this top quality product.

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4. Hopkins 14039 Subzero 50″ Crossover Super-Duty Snowbroom

Hopkins 14039
The Hopkins Subzero brush is a unique piece, as made immediately evident from its curved design, and the experience it offers is just as unique. The dual-purpose brush measures 50 inches when extended to its maximum height, making it able to brush the snow off all vehicles, including minivans. The pivoting head, able to adjust to different angles, is fitted with bristles that are both effective in getting rid of the snow as well as gentle on the surface of the vehicle. The pivoting function is also easily disabled by pressing a button which disables its flexibility and steadies the brush to make for effective cleaning. With regards to ice, something tougher is needed, and with the ice scraper it is fitted with at its bottom end, a tough and precise tool is provided, able to break up the ice from anywhere on the car. The piece also comes with a padded handled to improve grips and make the entire process easier on the hands, allowing users to do a better job for a longer period of time.

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3. Hopkins 16511 Subzero 23″ Ice Hammer Snowbrush (Colors may vary)

Hopkins 16511 Subzero
Subzero is a worldwide industry leader in winter car care. Hopkins 16511 23″ Ice Hammer Snowbrush is another quality product by Subzero is both versatile and affordable. The scraper/brush combination includes built-in ice chippers and a flat blade for efficient ice removal, and the molded handle grip is designed with durability in mind. The brush is in-line with the handle so that it won’t take up much space in your car or trunk. This is a perfect choice for compact and mid-sized cars. The 23? Ice Hammer Snowbrush has a unique design that allows a longer reach on the snowbrush. The soft-molded grip does not hold water and withstands UV rays for longer life than foam. It is one of the simple though effective hammer snow brushes which you can conveniently use in clearing ice. You will be pleasantly surprised with the low price and superb quality of this product.

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2. Hopkins 532 Mallory 26″ Snow Brush with Foam Grip (Colors may vary)

Hopkins 532 Mallory
Mallory USA has created a reputable brand of high-quality snow and ice tools, and this snow brush and scraper is no exception. Mallory is recognized for quality, durability, and lightweight products. Hopkins 532 best-selling ice scraper product has a 26 inches long foam grip and handle and also features four rows of sturdy bristles. This means that aside from the comfort offered, the snowbrush is also effective in performing the respective task. This product is the top of this review because of its highest quality at the most economical price also it is the most durable ice scraper product in the market. The tool is lightweight and ergonomically designed with the user in mind; it features a curved handle and a foam grip for easy handling. Heavy-duty bristles make snow and ice removal easier, faster, and more convenient. In fact, any person who has had the chance to use this snow brush can confirm that it is indeed a great product.

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1. Hopkins Subzero 16621 Ice Crusher Ice Scraper (Colors May Vary)

Hopkins Subzero
Hopkins is probably the most dominant brand in the industry, and for the most part, their models are quite decent. Innovation, creativity, and exclusivity are the driving forces behind the making of this one-of-a-kind snow and ice scraper by the Subzero Company. It features an innovative design which makes it easy to maneuver, store and transport. Its manufacturer includes a thumb and palm-rest component to enhance scraping leverage. This scraper measures about 11” in length thus reaches even the hard to reach sections to eliminate even the tiniest snow or ice. The soft foam grip which takes on an oval shape provides optimum comfort to the user of this scraper; thus you can use it for an extended period. This scraper comes with an ultra-wide blade which measures about 4.5” to facilitate fast operations. The Subzero 16621 is a simple ice scraper that was made to be cheap and reliable. We highly recommend buying this excellent ice scraper.

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For those looking to get snow off their car windows in the most efficient way, trying out a home remedy might seem like a good idea. But after realizing how inefficiently the job would inevitably be done, not to mention the potential damage the car has incurred in the meanwhile, getting a snow brush and ice scrapers will seem like an urgent and essential purchase. Ice scrapers are invaluable tools that play a significant role in clearing ice and snow from any surface including vehicles, house windows and much more. With an ice and snow scraper, you can always have a peace of mind and be able to concentrate on other issues without neglecting the safety of your various items from snow and ice damage.

The best ice scrapers will help you with your task in removing the ice in your car and car window before you start your journey. This product comes in many different styles and variant, some of it have long handle, while others have a shorter handle. Whatever the case, these products may look like, one thing for sure is the benefit and time-saving it offers you. Don’t wait till your car’s windscreen is covered by a 10-inch layer of solid snow to start looking for a snow broom. Purchase one of the reviewed ice scrapers today!

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