Volkswagen Jetta Hub Caps Review

Genuine OEM VW Hubcap Jetta-Sedan 2011-2014 14-Spoke Cover Fits 16-Inch WheelThe Volkswagen Jetta is a portable family car that hit the Market in the late 1970s. Over the years, it has been rebranded and marketed under different names such as Fox, Bora, Vento, City Jetta, Atlantic, Jetta City, Jetta, GLI, Clasico, Voyage, and Sagitar. The Volkswagen Jetta is manufactured by the Volkswagen Group.

The hubcap is a cover for the hub, which is the central portion of a wheel. It is designed to inhibit the accumulation of dirt or moisture. The hub cap conceals a car’s wheel hub (the area where lug nuts hold the wheel in position). As a result of the exposure to moisture, salt, heat, dirt induce corrosion, thel lug nuts become harder to remove and may even induce hub damage and expensive repairs. Hubcaps are important for inhibiting these effects. The hub caps are relatively cheap and easy to replace, so there’s a huge market for them.

Features of the Volkswagen Jetta Hub cap

  •  Brand: Volkswagen
  • Item Weight:  1 pound
  • Package Dimensions: 18.5 x 18 x 3 inches

Purchase and Installation

The market for hub caps is huge. There’s a big selection of hub caps with different sizes going for different prices.

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Installing Jetta Hub caps is relatively easy and can be done at home. Most times, hub caps can be installed without employing any tools or even jacking up a car. However, there are the cases where you would have to take off the lug nuts on your wheels in order to install the hubcap. Steps involved in installing a hub cap for your Volkswagen Jetta are the following:

  • Jack up your vehicle: loosen lug nuts and jack up your car. You would need to position jack stands underneath your car for safety.
  • Genuine OEM VW Hubcap Jetta-Sedan 2011-2014 14-Spoke Cover Fits 16-Inch WheelTake off Lug Nuts: Using a tire iron or socket wrench unscrew nuts holding the wheel to the car. After unscrewing them, gather them together as you’d need them to mount the hub cap back to the car. Ensure none of the nuts go missing.
  • Align the ring indent with the valve stem
  • After aligning the valve stem through the wheel cover, press the wheel cover directly onto the wheel.
  • It’s time to screw on the lug nuts: use your hands to thread lug nuts onto a lug stud. Ensure you re-tighten lug nuts as soon as you take the jack you had earlier positioned under your car off. Also, ensure lug nuts are properly screwed before you put the car to use.

Troubleshooting Common Problems 

If the wheel cover won’t mount on your car, before you install a new wheel cover, verify the size of your wheels first. Don’t purchase covers designed for a wheel size that’s quite different from yours. The wheels on cars come in differing sizes. You can verify the size of by identifying the tire size (this is usually printed on the tire).

You should figure out if a wheel cover can be installed. Due to the design of some wheels, they might not have wheel covers mounted. Usually, a wheel cover won’t mount if there’s no lip encompassing the perimeter of the wheel. Check to see if there’s a lip encompassing the perimeter of the wheel for the retention ring to set in. If you can’t find any lip, then wheel covers cannot be installed.

Be sure to remove old wheel covers first. If you have removed old covers and the new ones would not seat properly on the wheel, then the lug nuts might still be in place. At times, new wheel covers would require the lug nuts be taken off before they can be mounted.

Ensure the retention ring is installed on new wheel covers: if new covers won’t mount on wheels, you would need to check whether the retention rings are properly installed. If they are not installed, you would need to install retention rings before mounting the wheel cover.

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