BMW X5 Rims Review

BMW is a top-notch manufacturer of automobiles, engines, and motorcycles. The acronym stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. This is an iconic brand with a global popularity. The BMW X5 is a midsize Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) although BMW markets the X5 as a sports activity vehicle (SAV) rather than a SUV.

BMW is a choice of many people. The customers around the world invest money in the maintenance of their cars, so custom details for BMW are also common in the market. Don’t be surprised to see BMW x5 with rims in unusual color, for example. In this post, we’ll talk about BMW X5 black rims.

BMW X5 Rims

The rim refers to the part of the wheel that holds the tire. Rims are designed to hold the tire in place and help the tire maintain shape. They can be either custom fit or factory set. Such items are usually made of steel or aluminum. Although the former have an economic advantage over the latter, aluminum items are better alternative.

Although the terms are used interchangeably, the rim is not the same as the wheel. The rim refers to a cylindrical wheel outer edge that supports the tire on the wheel. Rims differ in diameter, width, type, and material used, and due to their position, they greatly affect a vehicle’s performance.

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Some dealership offer a wheel exchange purchase option, which avails you the opportunity to exchange the old rims on your BMW X5 for a new set at a subsidized rate. This exchange means car users are able to purchase new items for a fee less than outright purchase. As a condition for the exchange, you might be required to present the exact style OEM wheels as the ones you intend to purchase.

Deciding the best option to buy can be a hard choice to make. The difficulty in decision making is in finding an optimal product that satisfies your requirements. You might want custom rims that are big enough to give your vehicle a distinction from others on the road but you wouldn’t want them so big that tire quality or fuel economy is compromised.

Features of BMW X5 Rims

  • Product Information:   BMW X5 19 Inch Rims
  • Model:   BMW
  • Manufacturer Part Number:   BMW-950-19-GMT
  • Wheel Size:   19×9.5
  • Bolt Pattern:   5-120
  • Special Features:   Four Wheels & Generic Center Caps. Factory Caps will Interchange
  • Construction:   1-piece
  • Rim Diameter:   19 inches
  • Rim Width:   9.5 inches
  • Bolt Pattern (Pitch Circle Diameter):   120 millimeters
  • Offset:   20 millimeters

Purchase and Installation

Installing new rims on your BMW X5 can be done at home if you have the necessary items. Tools you would need include a jack to lift your car upon, a crowbar (or tire lever), various sizes of socket wrenches, as well as an air compressor. Installing them is no different from changing your flat tires, just that you would need to make them flat this time. Once the pressure on the tire is out, you would need to release all the air pressure in the tire to get the rim out so as to install the new rim. Now, apply the socket wrenches to remove the rim from the tire.

The size (of socket wrenches) you would need depends on the rims you are taking off. Once done, you would have to pry the old rim off. If you hadn’t let out air pressure before doing this, you’d find that it would be a lot harder than if you had let the air out. Although it would still be hard, ensure you pry evenly and be sure not to bend the rim.

After the old rim is off, you would need to get the new rims on. Ensure you use the bolts that came with the new items to install the rims to the tires. This would ensure an even fit. Now re-inflate the tire and move the next one. Ensure that they are safely installed to your tires. Once done with all four tires, try driving around at low speeds to ensure the new rims are properly installed.

If your old rims are still in good shape, you can either resell them, exchange them for a new one (at a subsidized fee), or you can reinstall them later. However, if they are bent, then they can no longer be applied to the aforementioned uses. This is why you should be careful when taking out the old rim.

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