The BMW X5 doesn’t need an introduction. This car has proved its place in the 4×4 arena as year after year BMW produce a very well built and prestigious car. BMW offer a range of petrol and diesel options, all offering a very good range of power and torque. It can be argued that the X5 is not the best-off roader, but when you consider that these vehicles spend very little time off road this is not a major drawback.


The ride and handling are typically BMW, so you will have no worries in that department. Competition in this sector as always is fierce, but the X5 fends off most of its competitors with ease. The latest generation of X5 is very modern and has all usual equipment today’s motorist desire. Finally, as with all BMW’s, the build quality is second to none and you will always feel that you bought a quality product.



Positive Attributes of the BMW X5


  • Cast iron reliability
  • Smooth petrol and diesel engines
  • Superb build quality
  • Excellent ride
  • Brand image


Things against the BMW X5


BMW as a brand are known for their ‘M’ cars. They build high vehicles that are suited to families. However, BMW’s hybrid version is not the best and because the world is going green, BMW really need to improve this for the X5 to keep ahead of its competition.


Parts and Accessories?


Our website contains details of the full range of parts and accessories we stock for the BMW X5.

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