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Wheel Cleaner Rim Review

Wheel-Cleaner-Rim-Cleaning-SprayThe wheels of our car are usually exposed to everyday dirt, dust, mud, oil residue, grime, sand, and every other ugly filth on the road. These dirts allow our wheels to corrode, get pitted, and get covered with rust over time especially when exposed to road salt. That is why we need to keep our wheels cleaned up and tidy to prevent these destructive elements from damaging our rims. These rims can be cleaned without using too much water to avoid damage.

The market is flooded with a large number of manufacturers of Wheel Cleaner each promising optimum solution and performance for your vehicle, but how do you choose the right one? At xlraceparts, we do the review one of the best products in the market putting in some vital consideration like quality, performance, customer ratings, the manufacturer’s history and other factors that can affect purchasing and usage. The information below is to assist you in getting the best Cleaner that provides the best performance for your rims at a budget-friendly price. Here is our pick:

TriNova Wheel Cleaner Inc

TriNova Inc has been in existing for over fifty years providing solutions and services for customers with various automotive challenges. The company was established in 1954 by Frank A. Thomas and has been led by CEO and majority stockholder Robbie Watson for the last twenty years now. The company is dedicated to customers by supplying and providing the highest quality products, services, and training. With the aim of providing the best products for customers all over the world, the company ensures every product is handled by their highly trained professionals. The company continuously strive to develop the latest products to satisfy every user’s need. The company is open to partner with customers and manufacturers to provide optimal performance. TriNova Inc remains the number one leading manufacturer of quality products with an affordable market price. Here is a quick review of their product:

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TriNova Wheel Cleaner and Rim Cleaning Spray

The TriNova Premium Wheel Cleaner is a non-acid solution that goes deep through the braking system without deteriorating the metal parts. This cleaner is able wash down dirt, grime and oil residue in no time. It can work as a spray; the TriNova Wheel Cleaner surprises car users with their high-quality products and reliable piece of chemical ingenuity. This cleaner is the best in the market that restores the natural shine of your rim, and the glass-like look of the metal alloy rims. The cleaner contains a powerful and concentrated formula, but still is environmental friendly. This strictly guarded secret formulation will enable you to wash down stains developed by dirt, oil residue, grime and other ugly substances from the soil and the metal-metal contact of your braking system. The TriNova Wheel Cleaner remains the favorite one in the automotive industry.

Remove unwanted dirt using the TriNova premium wheel cleaner that will get your wheels back to their original shine by washing away dust, sand, and grime that has accumulated over time. This cleaner can be used as a spray to battle against road salt that can cause damage to the appearance of your wheels in the wintertime. TriNova cleaner tackles the toughest stains your rims have been exposed to and helps to regain their original shine. The formula is concentrated to penetrate through deep stains that make your car look like you drive in the mud. Best for all kind of wheels from aluminum, chrome and white wall tires while providing the best cleaing regardless of the material. The spray is completely acid-free and can be used to clean your SUVs, sedan, minivan, cars and other aftermarket wheels of your favorite vehicles.

Product information

  • Brand:   TriNova
  • Item Weight:   1.15 pounds
  • Package Dimensions:   9.9 x 4.3 x 1.8 inches
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Folding:   No


The TriNova cleaner is completely harmless to use while providing the best clean performance for your rims. The wheel cleaner delivers the best protection against grime and dirt. Be assured you will receive the best service from TriNova Inc. The spray comes with an extra long spray tube that reaches down every corner ensuring you receive the best performance. With an average 4.2 customer star rating, the spray cleaner remains the best you can get for your car.

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