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Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Wheel-Cleaner-by-CarGuysWho doesn’t love cruising around in a clean and shiny car with spotless rims? But sometimes it is difficult to get that clean look because of road dirt and other debris found on the road. This dirt can build up over time causing a dull look or damaging the surface of our rims. That is why we need the best cleaning solution explicitly designed to remove dirt, road grime, and other dust particles on the road. These cleaners are designed to remove dirt in hard to reach area leaving your wheels spotless. But how do you get the best wheel and rim cleaner?

The market is flooded with the offers form many manufacturers of Wheel Cleaner each promising optimum solution and performance for your vehicle, but how do you choose the right one? At xlraceparts, we do the review one of the best product in the market putting in some vital consideration like quality, performance, customer ratings, the manufacturer’s history and other factors that can affect purchasing and usage. The information below is to assist you in getting the best Cleaner that provides the best performance for your rims at a budget-friendly price. Here is our pick:

CarGuys Wheel and Tire Cleaner

CarGuys is a new manufacturing company that specializes in the production of car care products. The company was formed from passionate individuals who know well how car enthusiasts feel about the over-priced, over-marketed, and low-quality products available in the automotive industry. Knowing this, the founder decided to produce the best performing products to satisfy individual needs at a budget-friendly price. The company is committed to providing the very best products better than competitors. Their products are formulated and produced in the USA by well-trained professionals using the highest quality materials available. All their products are manufactured using the best and latest technology after series of countless hours in Researching, Testing, and Development. The company will not release a product until they are 100% satisfied and these as yield results as their first-time customers continually becoming a long-term customer. Here is a quick review of their product:

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Best Wheel and Tire Cleaner Safe for all Wheels and Rims – Wheel Cleaner by CarGuys

The CarGuy Wheel Cleaner is an absolute relief for car enthusiasts looking for the best cleaning agent for their painted rims, chrome, rims with glass, and alloy rims. This powerful cleaner, though environmental friendly and safe on skin is tough on dirt, grime, brake dust, salt, winter grime, and stains that accumulated on your wheels. Oil residue can’t withstand this cleaner. The cleaner remains favorite in the market that offers high performance with affordable market price. Directly apply the cleaner on the surface, use little water and brush the surface gently. The soap will gradually clean the hardened dirt that has covered the surface of your rim. The cleaner retains its original color and helps bring back the shine on your rims.

The remaining dirt on the brake system will dissolve without causing any harm to the metal parts. The CarGuys All Type Wheel and Rim Cleaner is specially designed to remove dirt and is 100% safe on painted, aluminum, chrome, and other materials even plastic-dipped rims. Whether you are using during winter or summer, this cleaner will help eliminate harmful substances and winter grime that might accumulate to cause danger to your rims. Unlike other products that can cause harm to the wheels, the CarGuys cleaner is designed by professionals using high-quality materials. The cleaner is non-toxic, acid-free, and pH balanced. One of the few things that make the cleaner stand out is that the cleaner is quite good and won’t stain your wheels.

Product information

  • Size:   18 Ounces
  • Brand:   CarGuys
  • Item Weight:   11.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions:   9.3 x 3.3 x 1.8 inches
  • Folding:   No


The CarGuy Premium Wheel Cleaner is by far the best cleaner gel in the market. The cleaner is made in the USA, and without a doubt will remove dirt, dust, unwanted grime, brake dust, grease and other substances that cling-on to the wheels and tires of your car. The cleaner will eliminate stains without causing damage to the surface of your rim. The cleaner is acid-free and ensures no dirt is left behind. With a good customer star rating, the cleaner remains the best you can get at an affordable market price.

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