5 Best Car Emergency Kits to Buy for Automobiles in 2018

Before you head out for a long ride, you probably check the condition of your vehicle and the things you need to pack. Driving a car means accepting a certain level of risk, and at the extremes, this includes accidents, which can be serious matters indeed. But it also means confronting the chance for a blown out tire, a torn timing belt, a cracked windshield, or an empty gas tank. It’s important that you are always ready to deal with a car that is suddenly not working as it should. The road assistance kit should definitely be one of your car essentials in case of emergency or any problem you may encounter on the road. Roadside emergencies are inevitable so we’ve listed the top 5 best car emergency kits to buy for automobiles that you can include in your car essentials.

Best Car Emergency Kits to Buy in 2018

5. AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit

AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit AAAA’s emergency road kit assists you if ever you get stuck with some problems with your vehicle. If there isn’t any repair shop nearby, the 42-piece road assistance kit is what you have best. You can bring it anytime and anywhere. All the components are packed in a compact storage bag. The jumper cables, screwdrivers, flashlight, cable ties, emergency poncho, electric tape and a first-aid kit. A precaution and accident guideline is also included if ever you do not know what to do with a car breakdown. It allows you to have a safe and hassle-free travel. The kit also comes from AAA, the company that is well known for their roadside assistance for their customers. Be prepared for any problem you may experience on the road when you save on the AAA 42 Piece Emergency Road Assistance Kit!

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4. Thrive Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit + First Aid Kit 

Thrive Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit + First Aid Kit – Rugged Tool Bag - Contains Jumper CablesManufactured in a modern sterile FDA registered facility and sold by FDA registered company that has been doing business for 40 years. Packed with 42 auto emergency supplies + a 62 First Aid Kit = 104 Pieces. The case is crafted from sturdy 600D nylon canvas. This rugged tool bag won’t get crushed in your trunk, back seat, spare tire compartment or truck bed like most kits on the market. Lightweight, compact and yet still holds everything you need for life’s unexpected events. The outside features a reflective emergency warning safety triangle. This case is 12 inches long X 8.5 inches wide X 7 inches thick. It weighs approximately 3.1 lbs. Everyone should have one of these in each of their vehicles. Stash this kit in your car and be ready for most unexpected auto emergencies. All of the competent and tools were handpicked to ensure quality and that you will be prepared in most crisis situations.

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3. Top Gear Premium Roadside Assistance Kit (66-piece)

Top Gear Premium Roadside Assistance Kit (66-piece)This 66-piece roadside assistance kit from Top Gear includes components that every car owner should have. It included battery booster cables, reflective safety vest, hand-squeeze flashlight, folding multi-function tool, light sticks, gloves, rain poncho or rain coat, reflective warning triangle, emergency survival wrap, bungee cord, cable ties and PVC tape, accident report form, tire pressure gauge and whistle and 34-piece first aid kit. Such a great buy! Other handy tools included in this roadside assistance kit are emergency survival blanket and emergency rain ponchos – these are perfect if you get stuck somewhere on a night or cold day and need a way to stay warm. This emergency kit comes in different sizes, but the 66-piece gear is the only one that included most of the essentials that should always be in a roadside assistance kit needed to cater for any emergencies It’s a great buy at an affordable cost.

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2. First Secure Roadside Car Emergency Kit Review

First Secure 90-Piece Roadside Assistance Emergency CarThe 90-piece kit includes jumper cables, air compressor, 8-piece tire repair kit, tow straps, and a 48-piece first aid kit. Need not to worry if your car breaks down due to flat tires or any problems you may encounter. This kit also contains all the essential items that you need in case your car breaks down, including safety tool and accessories among other items. The first aid kit will also assist you with minor injuries and scratches or any health emergencies on the road. This complete set lets travel worry-free knowing you have the necessities for a roadside emergency. This is also applicable for heavier vehicles such as trucks, so if you’re out for a business travel or delivery, First Secure will keep you secured. The flashlight piece in First Secure 90-Piece Roadside Emergency Kit is a headlamp meaning that both hands are free to repair the hitches.

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1. Always Prepared 65-Piece Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit with Jumper Cables

Always Prepared 65-Piece Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit with Jumper CablesThe best auto emergency kit in our review is Always Prepared 65-Piece Roadside Assistance. The 65-piece kit includes car tools that will make you feel secured and protected whenever emergency occurs. The components are truly useful and will give you peace of mind whenever you go for a vacation. If you’re not much of a car enthusiast and don’t know what auto emergency tools to bring, the kit has it all for you – perfect for first-time car owners. Some materials included in the kit are battery cables, reflective vest, gloves, bungee cord, gloves, light sticks, rain poncho, flashlight, reflective warning sign and a lot more. It is perfect for your everyday drive as it is portable and easy to store. All the pieces are packed in a small bag that would fit in your trunk. Always Prepared Roadside Emergency Kit will definitely keep you prepared for a long drive. Do not hesitate, purchase this kit today!

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A breakdown or a flat tire can happen to anyone at any time, and what you have in your car can make the difference between getting back on the road quickly and enduring a long, trying, and even dangerous ordeal by the side of the road. Whether the problem is a flat tire, a dead battery, or something that you can temporarily patch with duct tape, an emergency kit is a thing you shouldn’t leave home without.

Roadside emergencies are an inevitable thing in any road trip or ride and can occur at the most unexpected time. That’s why you need to include a car emergency kit as one of your car essentials. Emergency kits can provide you with what you need to communicate with your insurer, public safety officials, or roadside assistance company; make minor repairs to your vehicle to get you back on the road; alert other drivers to proceed with caution in your area, or treat injuries until help arrives. Being prepared with a basic emergency kit can increase your safety, reduce stress, and help you get back on the road faster. Your family’s safety is your highest priority.

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