How To Measure Rim Bolt Pattern Easily and Effectively?


How To Measure Rim Bolt Pattern Easily and Effectively?

Choosing “that” perfect wheel for your automobile is becoming more complicated than ever given the recent technology built in modern cars. Most cars are now designed with different wheels and bolt patterns. Before purchasing or upgrading to a new wheel, it’s best you have a full understanding on how to measure wheel sizes and bolt patterns  and how to measure wheel bolt pattern. Knowing this will assist you in getting that perfect aftermarket or upgrade wheel for your car. Luckily, the guide below will help and show you how to measure the bolt pattern of any car quickly and easily.

Understanding the bolt pattern

For those wondering what a bolt pattern is, also known as bolt circle. Bolt pattern is the no of hug holes on the wheels you are purchasing and the distance between them. The bolt pattern on the car must match the bolt pattern on the wheel. In case your vehicle has four lugs, that doesn’t mean it will fit all four-lug wheels, so therefore you need to have a full understanding on how to measure the bolt pattern for a perfect wheel. Bolt patterns vary starting from 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 lug holes. There are several ways of  measuring wheel bolt patterns and lugs.

Bolt patterns can be measured in inches and millimeters using two number system. Where the first number shows the holes in the wheel whereas the second shows the diameter. For example, a rim with 5×100 indicates five lug pattern on the circle with diameter 100 mm. Let’s see how you can measure bolt patterns with different lug-hole patterns.

Lug holes

To have a full understanding of bolt patterns, we must also have an idea on what hug holes are. Lug holes are the holes (three, four or even more) surrounding the large hub found at the center of the wheel.

How to measure lug pattern

Obtaining measurements for wheels with different lug pattern is very easy and straightforward. You need to follow the few steps below. This method will assist you in measuring your bolt patterns accurately.

How to measure four lug bolt pattern

To obtain the measurement for a four lug bolt pattern, follow this step.  Measure in a straight line from center to center the distance of the two bolt holes sitting across one another.

How to measure 5 lug bolt pattern

Measuring the five hug bolt pattern can prove difficult and tricky since the bolt holes are not directly to one another like the four lug pattern. One needs patience when measuring these bolt pattern. However, we have come up with some steps that can assist when you face the task of how to measure bolt pattern 5 lug.

  • Measure the outer edge of one hug to the center of the third hug almost across from it. Here are some familiar bolt pattern for five hugs.
  • Five on 4-1/2
  • Five on 4-3/4
  • Five on 5
  • Five on 5-1/2
  • You can measure the distance between two holes sitting directly across one another then multiply the result by 1.05. Measuring in millimeters seems the easiest when using this method.
  • Another method of measuring the bolt hole is to measure center to center of adjacent holes. Compare the result with the list below to find the circle diameter.

If the measured distance is:

  • 2-3/4″: then the pattern is 5 x 4-3/4
  • 3-1/4″: then the pattern is 5 x 5-1/2
  • 2-5/8″: then the pattern is 5 x 4-1/2
  • 3″: then the bolt pattern is 5 x 5

Measuring the six lug bolt pattern

Just like the four hub measurement, this wheel is easy and straightforward to measure. Measure the center to center of any two holes that appear directly to one another.

Measuring the 8-bolt wheels pattern

Similarly, measure the center to center of any hole appearing to be directly facing one another.


As you can see measuring different types of bolt patterns is very easy and straightforward. Though when you are trying to measure the five lug wheel, getting result might be confusing. Not withstanding, the method above will assist you when trying to measure and determine the bolt pattern for such a wheel. If you follow this instruction, you will have little difficult when trying to know the wheel that will fit your car. New wheels sizes are always designed into the automotive market on a daily basis. It is essential you measure your car wheels before ordering or making a purchase. The last thing every driver want is to have issues when trying to fix brand new wheels on their cars.

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