Dual Electronics BP1204 Car Subwoofers Review

Dual Electronics BP1204 12 inch illumiNITE High Performance Studio Enclosed Car Subwoofers

If you desire to have a startling music experience and a good companion besides the person or people who join you during journey or do your speakers sound like they have these little crackles and pops? Then get the Dual BP1204 12-Inch Illumination Bandpass Subwoofer for a good music experience.

Yes, some built-in systems may seem reasonably up to the task, but it’s only a matter of time before you notice the quality of music transmission when you purchase the best Subwoofer in the market. In this article, we review the best model in the market.

Dual Electronics BP1204 Car Subwoofers Review

The Dual bp1204 is undoubtedly the best car subwoofer in the market today. The bp1204 subwoofer represents an excellent addition to the existing acoustics of your car and makes your driving experience more fun and exciting. We can gladly inform you that the dual subwoofer represents style, perfection, and advanced engineering with maximum output and performance. This subwoofer is designed with perfection. The illumination frame fills the car with a soft blue glow through its plexiglass makes it attracting. The subwoofer comes with an acoustic chamber which improves the efficiency of its sound output making it pleasant to listen. Even the nuances comes out in a different tonal sound. The package comes with its enclosed casing, so you don’t have to buy an additional box to hold or fix. Apart from the sleek design, the subwoofer comes with some special features that make it the favorite among car users.

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The Dual Subwoofer is the ideal system for those who love listening to music while they drive. These subwoofers come with a standard size that sits comfortably in your sound compartment. The system is pretty affordable and offers maximum output. This system has an inbuilt amplifier and computer tuned acoustic chamber which increase the output of the system. The quality and sound technology in this system worth every cash spend on it, this subwoofer is exceptionally built to last for an extended period. The Dual Subwoofer outperform most products in the market today. The subwoofer meets the CEA-2031 industry standards, so you don’t have to worry about sudden blowing up or crankling.

Features of Dual Bp1204 Bandpass Subwoofer

  • Quality and Power

The 1100 watt power gives it an outstanding sound quality and improves the listening experience. The dual bp1204 illumination bandpass subwoofer is manufactured in a classy acoustic chamber which increases its output efficiency. The casing is made up of a polypropylene material which makes it durable and added more strength. The system has a spider venting system which prevents dirt from entering and helps in cooling the system down during continuous usage. The system comes with a low-level impedance of 4 ohms which allows unwanted filter noise and with a frequency range of 25-200 Hz. This subwoofer gives you high-quality bass and sound clarity. The blue light illumination system allows for creative installation and adds to the beauty of your car. This device comes with a remote control which will enable you to operate from some distance.

  • Durability

If you are in the market for a reliable and efficient subwoofer, then the Dual bp1204 should be your top choice. This system is built to withstand rough handling, wear and tear of everyday use. The dual subwoofer comes with additional braces that prevent unwanted movement due to the high sound pressure and enclosed in a durable casing which adds extra protection.

  • Use of Illuminite Bulb System

With the blue illumination system, the interior of your car will never look ordinary again. The Plexiglas window offers additional protection while you are enjoying the sound of the subwoofer.

  • Input Terminal Cup

The ITC (Input Terminal Cup) offers a fast and secure connection from the amplifier to the system, and 12 volts to power the illuminated feature.

  • Low-Q optimized Subwoofers

The subwoofer is built to offer loud and accurate bass.

  • One-Year Warranty and Superb Customer Service

The product is backed by one year warranty and excellent customer service.

Included in the Package:

  • Dual BP1204 enclosure
  • Instructional manual

Product information

  • Size: DUAL 12 inch
  • Item Weight: 58 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 60 pounds
  • Sensitivity: 89 dB
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Watts RMS: 600 watts
  • Watts Peak: 1,100 watts
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Height: 14.2 inches
  • Depth: 14.2 inches
  • Width: 29.5 inches
  • Frequency Response: 25 to 200 Hz
  • Good market price
  • Durable and stylish design
  • Computer tuned acoustic chamber
  • Plexiglass window
  • Two subwoofer speakers in a set
  • The ‘Illuminati’ bulb system
  • Too loud bass that can cover the vocal sometimes
  • Best for users looking for a small system

Customer Reviews

Most customers were surprised with the high quality and the performance the Dual bp1204 subwoofer offers. From the price point of view, the product is best for budget-conscious customers looking for a high-quality subwoofer for their car. The Dual bp1204 subwoofer has a 4.4 customer stat rating on Amazon, making it one of the few highly subwoofers in the automotive industry.


Finding the perfect subwoofer has never been easier than this, thanks to the stylish design and performance this product offers for users. The Dual bp1204 12-inch 1100-watt illumination bandpass subwoofer offers a high level of bass output. Its dual-chamber gives blue lighting which is visible through the windows of the system and makes the interior of your car classy and stylish. The 2.5 voice coils and the tuned port with computer-aided design increase performance output while providing consistent bass. The installation is simple and straightforward by using input terminal cups to connect the amplifier in seconds. The inbuilt ventilation control system assists in keeping the system cool during heavy usage and non-stop music entertainment.

This product remains the best you see in the automotive industry that offers high performance with good market price. The dual engineers manufacture this product with sound MDF  construction which flitters unwanted underground sound. You can be sure of superior sound quality when using the Dual bandpass subwoofer. The company provides an excellent customers service which can assist whenever you have enquired.

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