Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly Review

Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly

Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly Review

Manual work can turn out being stressful when you have something substantial to lift/move. Even when you have to lift a light load, constant bending and lifting can result in health issues that’s why you need a simple machine ideal for moving around the heavy and light loads in your garage, store or warehouse. Hand Truck or Dolly allows you to move equipment or materials at home, store or warehouse from one location to another. These hand truck machines lessen the risk of straining your muscles and your back.

Finding the best product in today’s market is not an easy one. We dedicated some time in researching and testing the top-selling products to find out which one provides the best value based on performance, quality, price and other relevant factors that affect usage. We then narrow our research down to the best overall dolly. In this research, we will be reviewing the Champion the Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Heavy Hand Truck and Dolly.

Cosco Shifter Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly Review

If you are in the market for a versatile dolly that can assist you in moving your load with ease, then the Cosco Shifter 300-Pound should be your top choice. The hand truck is made from heavy-duty steel with a lifting capacity of 300 pounds thus making it suitable for both heavier and light loads. Easy and straightforward to use, the hand truck can be adjusted to a 2-wheel upright dolly or a 4-wheel cart for storage purposes.

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The Shifter Cosco 300-Pound features a simple-to-pull handle that allows you to move around giving you a comfortable feeling while moving. Thanks to the heavy-duty steel construction, the dolly is durable, reliable and last for an extended period. The innovative fold-flat design ensures you have no difficult time when storing the dolly. Nevertheless, more caution should be taken if you plan using for industrial applications otherwise the device may get damaged.

The Cosco Shifter remains the best that combines high-quality material with a reasonable market price. The hand truck weighs only 14.9 pounds with 13.8” x 16.6” x 49.2 dimensions making it easy to store in the car.

Features of Cosco Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck

Quick single hand conversion

The Cosco Shifter Multi-Position Heavy Duty Hand Truck and Dolly are well designed for a fast single-hand conversion. The machine does not require assembling or re-assembling before you can lift or move your loads. Also, the multi-position dolly can be operated by one person.

Ergonomic Design

The Cosco Shifter Dolly ergonomic design allows for maximum safety and little fatigue when operating the machine. The hand truck features a large caster that allows smooth movement on the good and bad terrain.


The Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Hand Truck and Dolly comes in a different form and can be used to move loads both on the sloped or flat surface and even up the stairs. The dolly on its four-point broad base can move heavier loads while the 2-wheel upright is designed for lighter weight.

Toughness and durability

The Cosco Shifter Folding Hand Truck and Dolly are made from a heavy-duty steel frame that is durable, light, tough and last for an extended period if appropriately used. The hand truck can be stored easily without cracking, unlike plastically moulded dolly.

Heavy Duty Flat freewheels

The Cosco Shifter Heavy Truck and Dolly feature a reliable wheel that can be used on rough terrains. The wheels are designed to withstand pressure. The hand truck is quite simple to move around whether down the hall, rugged terrains, rolling them stair, sidewalk or down the stairs.

  • Tool-free conversion
  • Durable powder finish
  • Converts to dolly or handcart
  • Versatile
  • Supports up to 300lbs
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • A 5-year warranty
  • Folds up flat for secure storage
  • Small back wheels
  • Watch out for folding up, or this truck might snap your finger
  • Small items can slip through the cart


Enjoy great stability and reliability with the Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly. The folding truck is reliable, offers high performance with unmatched load capacity. The rotating wheels provide stability while maneuvering around corners and rough terrains making it easy to use in various places.

The dolly features a lockable handle to prevent any movement when using this machine. Besides stability, the Cosco Shifter Multi-Position Dolly is safe for loads. For the comfort of users, the dolly comes with a textured deck that prevents cargos from slipping when moving while the soft covering edge ensures the dolly doesn’t damage or cause scratches to walls. With 300-pound capacity, the Cosco Shifter is impressive and worth having.

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