Air Floor Jack: What You Need To Know About?

Air Floor Jack: What You Need To Know About?

What Are Air Floor Jacks?

An air floor jack is a handy tool that allows us to lift up our cars so that all repairs and maintenance can be performed underneath the car. This device can be used to implement an array of fixes and are usually found in the car shops, and are also popular among amateur and DIYers car enthusiasts. The Air floor jack is different from other models in the market, and it’s operated using compressed air. The jack is secured and ensure you have a safe working environment.

How Air Floor Jack Works

The air jack system comprises of a control unit, air cylinder, compressor and the jack itself. The jack’s working concept is very simple and straightforward as it uses compressed air turned to electric power then into a mechanical form which will then be used to lift your car. For the air to perform at its optimal, a small amount of vapor has to be removed and then replace with atomized oil in small quantity. The air is turned into compressed form and transferred into the fitted cylinder with a piston, where the final transformation of electric power to mechanical form takes place. The electric power is gotten, supplied and controlled by the control unit using a solenoid valve.

Factors to consider before buying the Air floor jack

The weight of the car you plan to lift

The first thing you should consider before buying the air floor jack is the weight of the car you are lifting.  This will assist you in choosing the ideal jack that is capable of lifting your vehicle. Air jack normally comes in different sizes so if you are planning to lift a car, SUV, sedan, trucks, pickup; then you should go for the required lifting capacity of about 2-4 tons. For vehicles that are heavier then you go for higher lifting power. Always read the user’s manual to know the exact capacity of your car.

Ensure the jack suits the required height

With the latest technology in the automotive industry, the working space below vehicle is increasingly becoming complicated. That said, it is important you purchase a jack that is high enough and allows you to access the underneath of your vehicle without having to struggle. Ensure you check the lifting range for your convenience.

Always check the air pressure available

The jack air pressure is always provided by the manufacturer, always ensure the airline setup meets the air pressure easily before buying it. Always ensure you read the manual provided before making any payment, this will go a long way in ensuring you have the best performing air floor jack.

Check the jack quality

Having a quality and a durable floor jack will go a long way in determining the safety of one’s life. Always ensure you go for quality, and we highly recommend you purchase a reliable and reputable brand. Always check for certification such as ASME and CE in the product you are buying.

Benefits Of Air Floor Jacks


Safety should be the first thing every buyer think of especially when choosing tools that can be used to make repairs. There are several designs of automotive jacks, but the air floor jack stands out as one of the most efficient, reliable and the safest. The jack is portable to a good extent and can be moved for repairs. As long as you don’t exceed the weight limitations, then the jack is unlikely to fail you. Also remember, the jack is designed to lift your vehicle, not to hold it for repairs. You should always pair the jack with a strong jack stand to ensure safety.

Ease Of Use

One of the most outstanding features and the reason the Air floor jack has become so popular in the automotive industry is that they are easy and straight to use. The jack is known for its simple design, easy to move around and features that make it easy to work with. Also ensure you know the lifting points of your car, placing the air floor jack is very easy. Once placed in the correct spot, then you are good to go until you reach your desired height. The Air floor jack is reliable enough to carry out your repairs, be sure you support with jack stands. Once you are done with your repairs, it’s easy to lower your car to the ground.


Air floor jacks are not only strong, durable and easy to use, but they are also very fast and easy to work with compared with other brands in the market. They are well equipped so that they can be moved easily and effortlessly. Several jacks will require some certain number of pumps before you can lift your car, the Air floor jack is significantly faster than other products on the market.


The Air floor jack can be used in several situations. Unlike hi-lifts or scissor jacks that can only be used for some specific purpose like changing a tire. Air floor jacks can be used for different purposes as long as you fall with weight limitation. With the Air floor jack, repairs and maintenance can be carried out. The Air floor jacks can also be combined with some accessories to lift heavy car part.


Unlike other brands in the market, the Air floor jack is operated using compressed air. The jack is becoming one of the favorite in the automotive industry due to its numerous advantages over other products. The jack is easy to use, economical, requires little maintenance, faster working mechanism. As long as you don’t exceed the weight limitations, then the jack is unlikely to fail you. Also, remember to read the instructional manual carefully and observe all safety rules required when using the floor jack. Always remember the weight and the size of the vehicle you are lifting.

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