Actron CP9150 AutoScanner Tool

Actron CP9150 AutoScanner ToolWhen it comes to buy best OBD II diagnostic code scanner, why is suggested to choose Actron CP9150 AutoScanner tool by many automakers? Does it work better than other brands of OBD2 scanner kit? As essential diagnostic tool for vehicles, auto scanner plays important role to allow you make early diagnosis and know feedback of the system in your new vehicles, including ABS, air bag, fuel system, oxygen sensor suspension and A/C systems, so you know what is needed to repair.

Of course, there are varieties of OBD II diagnostic code scanner non market today, but only Actron CP9150 AutoScanner Kit is suitable scanner tool for various types of vehicles. Yes, it provides high performance to enhance scanning PIDs coverage for 5,000 code definitions, including for bidirectional controls and recording graphic data so you will be easily to retrieve trouble codes from your vehicle’s computer for the purpose of diagnostic problems.

This Actron CP9150 AutoScanner tool is highly recommended to use for 1984-95 Ford, Mercedes, most GM models, and 1989-95 Chrysler models. Therefore, this OBD II code scanner includes additional items: CP9145 base scanner, OBDI & OBDII cables with hard case on its package.

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Actron CP9150 AutoScanner includes LCD screen displays to make it easy to read troubleshooting codes and emission status. There are also print option and downloadable choice to upgrade the diagnostic OBD I and II software. For best price, about $220 in Amazon, this buy best OBD II code scanner is highly recommended to buy in order to help you to determine any malfunctions and trouble codes of such system in your vehicles.

Technical Details:

  • Brand:   Actron
  • Item Weight:   7.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:   16 x 5 x 14 inches
  • Item model number:   CP9150
  • Discontinued by manufacturer:   Yes
  • Manufacturer Part Number:   CP9150

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