Keeping the Paint Work of your Car Clean

Keeping the Paint Work of your Car CleanFor many getting their first super car gives them the same great feeling you feel when you buy your first car. You want to drive it around all the time, giving lifts to everyone and driving when you usually wouldn’t. This means that the dirt will build up much quicker than it usually would. Keeping your paint work in tip top condition will really help y our car stay at its peak and keep its value.

The look of your super car is what gives it is value so you want to keep the paintwork as fresh as possible. For this reason you should always wash your car by hand. Automated car washes can damage paint work.

All you need to wash your car is an adjustable hose, wash mitt, bucket and soap. Always make sure you use soap that is designed for car washes and not an ordinary detergent.

To avoid smear marks when you have finished just dry your car with a 100% cotton towel.

The actual technique of washing a sports car is no different to an ordinary car; you just have to be extra careful that you don’t damage the paint work as this will have an effect on the value of your car – which of course you don’t want!

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