How To Jumpstart A Car Without Another Car: The Different Methods

Jumpstart A Car Without Another Car

If you have a car, you might have faced difficulties with your car battery. Sometimes, it can die and you’ll be lucky if you have another car around you to jump-start your car. But, when there is no car around you to jumpstart your car, what will you do? In this article, we are going to know some ways you can jumpstart your car without any help of another car.

Make Sure The Battery Is The Main Problem

  • At first check your headlights. Are they dim or bright? If your headlights are dim, it’s likely you have the problem in your battery and need a jumpstart to start the car. But, if the headlights are bright enough to see upfront, you do not need a jump start to start your car. Note that, it is better to turn the ignition on to test the highlights.
  • Put the car key in the ignition to check whether your dashboard lights are okay as usual. Then check the stereo as well. In most cases, you can see some dashboard lights and get some sound out of the stereo. If your dashboard lights are not well or you do not get a flicker, you may have a problem with your ignition switch.
  • Now, try to start your car. Does it turn over quickly, or does it crank slowly? If it cranks so fast, you do not have a dead battery and a jump start will not help at all. But, if the car turns over slowly, or doesn’t crank at all, you probably have a dead battery and need to jumpstart your car.

Different Methods To Jumpstart Your Car

As you already figured out that there is something wrong with your battery, you can now try to jumpstart your car. There are different methods you can use to jumpstart your car without taking any help from another car. The following methods may work or not depend on the quality of your battery. The more dead the battery, the more difficult it to jumpstart it.

Push And Start Methods (Manual Transmissions Only)

If you have a car with manual transmission, this method will help you to jumpstart your car without any external help from another car.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Try to position the car at the top of a road so that when you push it can move forward easily.
  • If the road is straight, then you may need people to push your car. Ask for help to push your car. If you have passengers, you can ask for help from them to push the car.
  • Now it’s time to depress the clutch completely. After depressing the car, you need to put the car in second gear.
  • Turn on the ignition but not the engine.
  • Let’s go of the break and then, push the car from the backside until it creates any momentum.
  • Let’s go of the clutch quickly when the car starts moving forward with a speed of at least 8.0 km/h. The engine should start immediately after getting the initial momentum. If it’s not, then depress and release the clutch again.

Use Jump Starter Battery Pack

A jump start battery pack is true to its name, being capable of using its added energy to jump-start your vehicle when you need it the most. It is probably the best solution to jumpstart your car without taking any help from another car. Regardless of where you are, you can use the Jump Starter battery pack to get the immediate start of your car.

This portable battery pack is designed not only for charging your batteries, you can use it to inflate tires or charge your mobile phone. The method of using the battery pack is as easy as you use another car’s battery. There are a set of jumper wires which you need to connect to the positive terminal and a non-paint metal to start your car. Isn’t it so easy?

However, before going for a long drive, make sure that your jump starter battery pack is fully charged to use in an emergency. If you are stuck in a completely isolated area then this can become a huge problem. In the event that this should happen, then you can always call a towing service but expect to pay a good amount of money.

If you have your own jump starter then you would not have to worry about this problem. Since these are able to hold a charge for months at a time, all you would need to do is connect all the clamps together and fire up the engine.

Other Ways to jump start your car

When nothing works properly, you’ll be wondered to know that there are some other unconventional ways you can use to jumpstart your car. If your car stops nearby a pharmacy, or you can use aspirin pills to jumpstart your battery.

Don’t be wondered! Aspirin not only helps you to remove pain, you can use it to jumpstart your car. Although it will shorten the lifespan of your battery, you can at least take your car to the nearest garage.

To use the aspirin pills, you need to uncap these pills and break them down. After that, put the broken pills in the battery fluid. Try to mix a standard amount of aspirin pills to get enough kick to get started.

Final Words

I hope that this guide on jumpstarting a car will help you when it is the time to jumpstart your own car (which, of course, we hope never happens). Again, to reiterate, be sure to check your owner’s manual about jumpstarting an engine before you attempt this on your own.

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