Allen Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Carrier Review

Allen Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Carrier Review

Bike Hitch Carrier

Taking your bike on holiday or driving to a big sportive event requires enough spaces for your luggage and a little extra for your bike. Loading a bike in the back of a car is generally stressful, this method requires loosening the bike, folding the back seat and pushing it until the trunk closes.

This is a good method of damaging the bike, leaving mud, grease and other stains in the car while possibly ruining your car upholstery. Using a bike rack is the best way of transporting your bike in a piece while it also helps to free more space in the truck.

There are several types of bike racks in the market today, each having their unique features, design and mounting style. However, using the wrong rack can also damage your bike. That’s why we review one of the best product in the market putting in several considerations like the design, mounting style, installation and other relevant factors. We review the Allen Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Carrier based on its performance over other products in the market.

What makes the Allen Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Carrier so unique?

The Allen Sports Deluxe is the simplest and most affordable bike rack in the market. This rack installs easily and is designed to fit a wide variety of cars including sedans, minivans, SUVs, hatchbacks and more. The sports bike rack features a 12-inch-long arm that is capable of carrying off any bike. This product won’t take excessive space in your garage.

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The Allen Sports Deluxe is perfect for carrying more than two bikes on camping adventures or during road trips with each bike separated secured and protected with the tie down system. This product is the best you will see in the automotive market that offers affordable price with high-quality material. To access your truck during a journey, remove the locking pin and lower the rack, when you are ready to continue the trip, raise the rake and push back the locking pin.

The rack is simple and straightforward to install; it only requires three bolts to assemble. The product is backed by a lifetime warranty assuring durability and quality.

Features of Allen Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Carrier

The following are the features of Allen Hitch Carrier:

Ease of Everyday Use

The Allen Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack does not require you to remove any of your car parts before usage. Loading the bike on the rack is relatively easy and straightforward. The mounting rack comes with no wobble bolt something that keeps the bike stable during movement and can be secured with straps though not included in the package.

Ease of Removal and Storage

Once the Allen Sports Bike Rack has been assembled correctly, no need to worry about loose straps while you are on the road. Though the rack requires using straps to secure the bike, this system is secure as long as you do it correctly.

The bike slides easily into the hitch receiver with no hassle or difficulty. The bike is easy to detach from the rack upon getting to one’s destination. It requires no loosening of bolts, screw or nuts. The rack is well designed to support and secure the bike(s) during movement so be sure you place the hook correctly to avoid significant disasters or an accident.

Carrying Multiple Bikes:

One of the most critical factor to consider when buying a hitch bike rack is the ability to hold multiple bikes at a time. The Deluxe sports rack versatile tray is designed to carry more than two bikes at a time. Yes, some racks are designed to hold up to two at a time, but that often the limit. The versatility of the sports rack allows it to hold more than two bikes at a time without exceeding the max load capacity.

Keep Your Vehicle Clearance the Same:

The Allen bike rack allows you to carry more than two bikes at a time without adding extra feet to the top of your vehicle. Unlike other products in the market like roof racks that adds additional feet to your car, which could put you in trouble when driving through low clearance areas. The Allen bike rack is safe and secure to use in almost every lane you drive.

No Need to Break Down Bikes:

Several models of bike rack require you taking off some parts of the bike before securing within the rack but with the Allen sports bike rack, no need to dismantle or remove front wheel before securing bikes on the rack. The rack is designed to hold your bikes without the stress of storing those wheels. The Allen allows you to slide the bike and strap them in place.

Extra Space:

The Allen Deluxe 4-Bike allows you to have extra space for your luggage. This is an excellent option if you are planning to go on trips or holiday, the deluxe bike rack provides extra space and allows you to use your truck bed while still taking your bike with you.

  •    One of the most affordable 4-bike hitch mount racks available.
  •    Bicycles are secured individually on the rack.
  •    The rack is made in the USA.
  •    The rack features durable steel construction.
  •    The rack can be tilted backward to allow easy access to the lift gate.
  •    The carrying arm of this rack can be folded out of the way when it is not in use.
  •    The rack features a no wobble bolt which eliminates any rack movement inside the hitch.
  •    The rack is very easy to install and assemble.
  •    There is less chance of scratching your car using this rack than with trunk mount racks.

It requires effort and tools to remove the rack.

Attaching four full-size bikes to the rack would be a tight squeeze.

The steel construction of the rack makes it quite heavy.


Considering the performance and price tag, the Allen Sports 4 Bike Hitch Mount Rack is the best product you will see in the market. The rack is great for families and friends who enjoy going on hiking and trips. The construction is durable and well-designed. This rack will provide you with basic functionality and everything you need.

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