4 Best Towing Starter Kit for Your Car

The most common reason for towing a vehicle is basic convenience. Having your everyday vehicle with you means that you don’t have to maneuver a large, unwieldy motor home through back roads or parking lots when driving to and from your campsite or heading out on errands.

You can use a trailer to tow your vehicle or a tow dolly, but both of these options take up too much space at campsites and RV parks. A more convenient, space-saving method of towing your car is to use a tow bar. With a tow bar, you can easily bring your everyday vehicle with you on your trips, quickly detach once you arrive at your destination, and store the towing system components out of the way until you’re ready to hitch up and leave. The towing starter kit includes a ball mount, trailer ball, hitch pin and clip, hitch lock and a rubber receiver tube cover. This article includes 4 best towing starter kits for you to make a smart choice.

Best Towing Starter Kit to Buy in 2018

4. Reese Towpower 7005100 Class III Towing Security Kit

Reese Towpower 7005100
As there are numerous options available for sale at this time, it is excellent to acquire a brand you can recognize. Reese Towpower Class III Towing Security Kit contains all necessary items to connect a hitch to trailer coupler. It includes locking bent pin for additional security. This kit features trailer 2-inch Interlock hitch ball which is pre-mounted and pre-tightened. At the price level, the Reese Towpower 7005100 Class III Towing Security Kit comes thoroughly respected and is undoubtedly a regular choice for a myriad of people. This tool is easy and quick to install. The quality of the lock seems decent. The hitch is very well made. The Reese Towpower 7005100 Class III Towing Security Kit is certainly that and will be a perfect selection. The price is affordable, and we guarantee you will be pleased with your purchase.

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3. Reese Towpower 21536 Towing 2″ Starter Kit

Reese Towpower 21536
Reese Towpower products have been overwhelmingly received by outdoor enthusiasts since they first came off the assembly line in 1952. Since then, Reese has pioneered the technology that has set the standard for today’s most advanced towing systems. Designed to meet the most demanding lifestyles, our complete product line is geared toward quality-minded users and do-it-yourselfers, as well as recreational enthusiasts and heavy-duty agriculture users, all of who won’t compromise when it comes to safety. Reese Towpower Class III Towing Starter Kit is designed to provide the excellent towing facility. It features a shank measuring 9 inches in length which allows turning clearance from bumper to trailer frame. This kit includes ball mount and helps to adjust trailer level. These universal towing starter kits are manufactured from high-quality steel to ensure a safe tow. Reese Towpower’s standard towing starter kits are designed to be able to withstand the daily stresses of towing.

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2. Connor Towing 1623210 2″ Class III Loaded Ball Mount with 2″ Ball (GTW-6000 lb.)

Connor Towing 1623210
Connor USA proudly offers the most complete line of towing and trailer essentials at an “unbeatable quality and value.” They continually develop and apply the newest advancements in technology to provide customers with quality products without the inflated price tags. The durable black powder coated loaded ball mount set is engineered to be exceptionally corrosion and rust resistant with a gross trailer weight of 6,000 pounds, tongue weight capacity of 600 pounds and is tested to exceed US V-5 and SAE J684 standards. The hitch ball has a gross trailer weight rating of 7,500 pounds. It can be used in either the drop or rise position to fit your needs and is designed to fit 2-inch trailer hitch receivers. The starter kit comes with a 2-inch chrome-plated hitch ball and hitch pin and clip. Get hauling safely and securely with this ball mount set. This product is durable and will last you long.

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1. CURT 45036 Loaded Ball Mount

CURT 45036
When it comes to ball mounts, a CURT loaded ball mount is the complete package. These stingers come with all necessary towing components and are pre-fitted with a factory-torqued trailer ball, eliminating the need to mount and torque your own trailer ball. This means a loaded ball mount is ready for towing right out of the package! Each one also comes with a pin and clip for mounting the ball mount into the appropriate size receiver tube. CURT offers loaded ball mounts in a variety of styles and weight ratings. This CURT loaded ball mount features a gross trailer weight capacity of 7,500 lbs. and a tongue weight capacity of 750 lbs. It comes with a 2″ trailer ball, making it an excellent choice for towing most boat trailers, utility trailers, campers, livestock trailers and recreational vehicle trailers used for hauling dirt bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs. All CURT loaded ball mounts feature 2″ x 2″ shanks and are made with the superior quality. We recommend buying this top quality product.

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No matter where you want to go and what you want to bring with you, hitches & towing accessories help you turn your vehicle into a road trip-ready trailer-hauling machine. A tow hitch is an accessory that is generally mounted to your vehicle’s frame near the rear bumper that allows for you to tow a trailer or attach accessories (bikes racks, cargo carriers) to the rear of your truck or car. Models are also available for the front of vehicles to allow the use of winches or putting your boat into the water. Most are receiver type hitches which have a square opening to allow for the use of a ball mount (or another accessory).

Trailer hitches are major parts of towing systems that give a vehicle the ability to hit the road with that boat, camper, or any other kind of trailer. However, before you hitch your trailer up, make sure your vehicle can handle the load. The towing capacity can be found in your owner’s manual and the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) on a label on the door jamb, and for all your towing gear look nowhere else but right here. Choose one of the reviewed towing starter kits that suit your needs.

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