SCT X4 Performance Programmer Review

SCT X4 Performance Programmer

Power Flash Programmer

Perhaps you might have done some modifications to your car intake system, turbo setup or exhaust to improve the overall performance of the car. However, no matter the changes you are considering or might have done, programming is the most powerful upgrade you can get your car. For you to have a better understand, let’s explain what a Programmer is.

Programming is a quick plug and play installation that provides upgrades to your engine’s power by communicating with the computer of your vehicle. They are designed to get the best out of your engine’s power output regarding horsepower and throttle response and torque and let your engine run more efficiently for better handling, better fuel economy, and improved power production.

Finding the Best Flash Programmers can be difficult due to the numerous products on the market that’s is why you need comprehensive research. To make things easy for you, we research one of the best product in the market putting in some vital consideration like performance, company’s profile, market price, product quality and other relevant factors. In this article, we will be reviewing the SCT Performance X4 Power Flash Programmer.

SCT Performance X4 Power Flash Programmer- Ford

The SCT X4 is one of the most powerful and comprehensive programmers on the market. This model is guaranteed to improve your vehicle’s throttle response, horsepower, and torque through PCM (Powertrain Control Module) optimization. The programmer also ensures the car have maximum fuel economy and other numerous advantages. The device features high horsepower add-ons, which is made up of superchargers and nitrous oxide.

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Also, it provides high-speed data monitoring, reads and clears DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). One fascinating feature of this product is the cloud-based system that allows you to log, store and monitor your vehicle’s computer system. SCT 7015 x4 power flash programmer work for both diesel and gas vehicles ranging from Ford, trucks, and cars. While the programmer improves torque and horsepower, it also gives room for choosing how much increase or decrease that you need. The SCT X4 custom tunes can easily be customized to one’s taste.

Features of SCT X4 Power Flash Ford Programmer

The following are the features of the programmer:

Quick Installs and LCD Display

The SCT X4 Programmer installation is quick and easy through your vehicle’s OBD2 port. The LCD screen displays in full color for easy viewing during the day or at night.

Data Logging and Analog Inputs

The SCT X4 Programmer is a versatile device that view, monitors and record the vehicle’s PCM (Powertrain Control Module) data on a PC or the device. The device monitor air-fuel ratio, EGT temps, and other essential sensor data.


With the SCT X4 Programmer huge backlit display, reading and viewing the vehicle data and other popular sensor data such as EGT, Fuel Ratio/ Air or any other 0-5 Volt source will be easy.

Custom Tunes

The SCT X4 Programmer saves up to 10 (ten) different tune files created by your local SCT Custom Tuning Dealer.

Wi-Fi and Clearing DTCs

The SCT X4 Programmer built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect to the internet or your local area wireless network. You can also read and clear PCM Diagnostic Trouble Codes while downloading and updating your device.

Increased Horsepower

The SCT X4 Programmer improves your vehicles horsepower, throttle response, torque and even fuel mileage

  •    Simple and easy installation.
  •    A variety of customization settings available
  •    Easy to read LCD Display monitor.
  •    Saves up to 10 custom tune files.
  •    Affordable
  •    Displays real-time vehicle data such as Volt source, EGT temperature, and so on.
  •    Adjustable features such as CMCV, axle ratio and so on.
  •    Preloaded with tune files.
  •    Built-in Wi-Fi.
  •    Diagnoses any error codes.
  •    The operation is a bit more complicated.

Using SCT X4 custom tunes

Using the SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer is very simple as long as you follow the steps below, you shouldn’t encounter any problem. The SCT X4 features a cord which connects to the OBD II port of your car. Make sure the ignition key is in the off position before plugging the cable.

The programmer features a large display screen that shows menu options. The screen will light up once plugged into the port. Navigate through the menu and make your desired selection. A message will be displayed confirming if you are ready to continue with the process. If so, turn your key to the on position. Once the process is completed, turn the ignition off. Exist the programmer menu, and you can now unplug the device from the OBD2 port.

What You Can Adjust

In all, the X4 Power Flash Programmer can modify the following parameters:

Axle Ratio

The SCT X4 Axle Ratio allows you to adjust the car’s speedometer and fuel efficiency calculation if you have changed the gear ratio on your vehicle. In case no modification has been made, then choose the stock setting when the programmer prompts you to select a gear ratio. This will prevent any adjustment to the stock program.

CMCV Delete

The SCT X4 CMCV Delete allows you to dysfunction the Charge Motion Control Valve (CMCV) in your car PCM to avoid Check Engine light from displaying and other related issues in your car.

Idle Adjust

The SCT X4 Idle Adjust allows you to select a value for Engine Idle position. This modification is useful for keeping the voltage in your car up while running other electronics off the vehicle’s power system.

Intake Airbox

The SCT X4 Intake Airbox allows the installation of upgrades and modifications in your car while preventing the check engine light from displaying.


The primary purpose of a flash programmer is to improve the performance of the car without spending too much. That is why the SCT X4 programmer was designed. The programmer will increase and enhance the performance of your vehicle without having to visit mechanics shops. The programmer gives you the full control over your car in the aspect of performance.

Just plug the device in your car OBD2 port under the dashboard and select a program to re-program your car’s computer. The device is affordable for budget-minded customers seeking for high-quality material and affordable price. With the SCT X4 custom tunes, you get the full control over your car in the aspect of performance.

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