AGPTEK Laser Tachometers Review

AGPtek®-Professional-Digital-Laser-Photo-TachometerThe importance of a tachometer can’t be ignored; it is a device used to measure the speed rotation of motors, fans, pulleys and give an accurate reading as it can be significant when trying to achieve the best performance and maintaining the lifespan of our machinery. It is essential to use the best tachometer and ensure it is performing correctly since operating your engine at excessively high RPM rate can cause damage and reduce the lifespan of your engine. As a result of this, you have to manage your machinery regularly and purchase the best high-technology samples of the tachometer in the industry.

There are several manufacturers of tachometers out there each promising optimum solution and high performance for your vehicle, but how do you choose the right one? At xlraceparts, we do the review one of the best product in the market putting in some vital consideration like quality, performance, customer ratings, the manufacturer’s history and other factors that can affect purchasing power and usage. The information below is to assist you in getting the best tachometer that provides the best accurate measurement at a budget-friendly price. Here is our pick:

AGPtek® Professional Digital Tachometer

Founded in 2008, AGPTEK has maintained its standard and quality by offering the best affordable product since its incorporation. The company remains the number one leading manufacturer of the tachometers. AGPTEK is known for building high performing tachometer that provides unmatched value, advanced technology combined with affordability tachometer for measuring the rotational speed of motors, fan belt, conveyors, pulleys, and other machinery. AGPTEK provides the best safety equipment with high performance all over the world. The company offers reliable products with advanced technology that will accurately measure the speed of your machine for better performance.

AGPtek Digital Tachometer applications include the following: measuring the speed of rotating machinery such as turbines, motors, fans, wheel, rollers, model cars, conveyors, shafts, length of long products such as steel, fiber wire e.t.c., the speed of items such as foils and films. Here is a quick review of one of their products:

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AGPtek® Professional Non-Contact Digital Laser Photo Tachometer

The AGPtek Laser Photo Tachometer is a non-contact digital laser tachometer that features quality construction and provides an accurate measurement with digital laser photo technology. The device comes with a large LCD displaying screen and a wide measuring range with a high-resolution display. This tachometer can automatically store new and previous readings that can be viewed when needed. The device is a great tool to measure the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) with no guessing or errors. The design of the tachometer allows it to fit perfectly into both hands. It comes with a cushioned storage case, batteries, instructional manual and a 34 reflective tape. The AGPtek non-contact laser tachometer can be used to read the speed of model cars, motors, wheels, wood cutting and other elongated rotational systems. The device is known for its accuracy and speed measuring rate. The AGPtek® Professional Digital Tachometer is the best you can get to measure the speed of your rotating machinery at an affordable market price.

The non-contact device works by applying a reflective mark (comes with the product) on the target area, then point the laser beam to the marked surface. The tachometer has a high accuracy measurement, fast timing, and a long-range detecting distance of about 500m (20 inches). It also consists of a LED screen that displays high-resolution 5-digit measurements that are easy to read and simple to understand. The tachometer is durable and can be used in the dense industrialized environment. At an average 3.7 customer star rating, the tachometer is one of the most affordable and performing device you can get.

Product Information

  • Brand:   AGPTEK
  • Item Weight:   5.6 ounces
  • Package Dimensions:   5.9 x 3.9 x 2 inches

Package Content:

  • 1 x New Non-Contact Professional Digital Laser Photo Tachometer
  • 1 x Instructional Manual
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 20cm of reflective stripes


The AGPtek® Professional Digital high-quality tachometer is manufactured to provide impressive handling and a reliable instrument in troubleshooting machinery performance. The device should be used for your preventative maintenance inspections to save time and money in helping to eliminate critical downtime. AGPtek® Professional Digital Tachometers are battery operated and are designed with light-weight, rugged, industrial bodies to withstand severe industrial environments.

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