Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry

When deciding whether a car is going to offer great service and good value, then there cannot be many better recommendations than to see that model used across the world by taxi firms and drivers.

The Toyota Camry is one such car.  And it is not surprising.  Plenty of interior space, decent fuel economy and expected levels of Toyota engineering and reliability make it a very good car indeed.

Later models have excellent, relatively cheap to run V6 options in the engine range.  Indeed, it is easy to think that you are driving an up-market Lexus rather than a more middle of the road Sedan from the standard arm of Toyota.

Positive Attributes of the Toyota Camry

  • Smooth, comfortable ride
  • Great range of vehicles meaning that everybody can find what they are looking for
  • Terrific reliability
  • Good trim levels even for entry point models
  • Excellent looks
  • Holds its value
  • Plenty of room inside.

Things against the Toyota Camry

It is tricky to find much to say against the Camry.  If we are to be picky, perhaps the handling, while good, is not especially awe-inspiring in today’s motor world.  The car has been around since the early 1980s.  The sixth-generation model, from 2007-2010 was perfectly OK, but interior quality slipped, nothing that was not a problem with earlier, or indeed later, models.

Parts and Accessories?

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