Lexus IS250
Lexus IS250

The Lexus IS250 has always been a great rival for the big German three. Audi, BMW and Mercedes all offer a car of this size but offer it at a higher cost. When a car manufacturer builds a car in this class, they are fully aware of the competition they face. Lexus though are able to hold their own, as they produce a high specification vehicle, with cast iron reliability that we have come to expect from Lexus.

This Lexus is powered by a 2.5 litre V6 that used to power the previous model. That said it still offers a smooth, powerful delivery of power, but it has to be said that against its rivals it does feel a little bit dated. Lexus, as usual, have done a good job with the styling and the interior feels upmarket and classy, but Lexus do lack behind the German alternatives for prestige.

Overall the Lexus IS250 is a good all-rounder and will please the buyers that are already in the brand. It may however struggle to convince buyers new to Lexus to opt for this vehicle as opposed to the like of BMW and Mercedes. Another thorn in the side of Lexus is the Alfa Giula as this may not be a prestigious as BMW and Mercedes, but it is a very sporty looking car with a great range of petrol and diesel engines. Something the Lexus doesn’t currently offer as it only offers petrol models.

Positive Attributes of the Lexus IS250

  • Cast iron reliability
  • Smooth petrol engine
  • Superb build quality
  • Excellent ride
  • Competitive pricing.

Things against the Lexus IS250

As we mentioned before, cars in this class are very competitive, so manufacturers always try to outdo each other. The Lexus has done a great job with this car but it is by no means the best in its class. As this car is starting to feel very dated, Lexus need to be aware that the market is changing, so Lexus needs to keep up with its competitors.

Parts and Accessories?

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