Kia Sorento
Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento, is a SUV that has been around for some time now. Its large and is ideal for a family. All the versions come with 4-wheel drive as standard and they all have a good level of equipment. The Kia is one the largest in it class, so it feels very roomy and comfortable inside.

Unlike some other Kia’s in the range, the Sorento has a more quality feel inside and has a great deal of refinement. The ride and handling are good, but the ride can be a little firm compared to some of its rivals. The boot is large, so it offers great versatility for carrying loads. This also is one of the largest 7 seaters in its class.

Positive Attributes of the Kia Sorento

  • Modern Appearance
  • Large boot space
  • Long Warranty
  • Equipment levels
  • Competitive pricing.

Things against the Kia Sorento

As mentioned above, The Kia Sorento has many good points, but it does however suffer with vague steering and a firm ride. It is also argued that the styling is a bit dated and boring to look at. That said, for the price and its size and usability it is still a very good option to choose.

Parts and Accessories?

The Kia is such a good car that there is not a lot of call for replacement parts.  However, things can go wrong on even the best vehicles. Our website will offer you everything you might need to keep your Sorento in top notch condition.

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