Jeep Cherokee
Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee has a massive customer base. These customers expect their vehicles to be well built and well designed, this is something the Jeep Cherokee has done with ease. The new Cherokee is a good-looking modern vehicle. It has LED lighting, both at the front and rear. The car is user friendly and boasts of first rate off road ability. The new car comes with a 7-inch infotainment system and Apple CarPlay technology. The engine range has also been increased to incorporate a 2.0 litre version. As with most Jeeps over the years, part of their styling is to be rugged and this Jeep has achieved that. Wide wheel arches filled with chunky wheels give the Jeep that extra edge over its rivals.


Positive Attributes of the Jeep Cherokee


  • Cabin space
  • Smooth petrol and diesel engine
  • Good looks
  • Equipment levels
  • Competitive pricing.


Things against the Jeep Cherokee


As mentioned above, the Jeep Cherokee is a top-class vehicle. Good engines and build quality are all areas the Jeep scores well in. However, there are one or two points that Jeep have slightly got wrong. The fuel economy figures are quite low compared to others which in today’s market is something that Jeep need to improve on.  The second point is that for a large vehicle it does lack cargo capacity, which for a car in this class, needs to be addressed.


Parts and Accessories?


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