FJ Cruiser
FJ Cruiser

The FJ cruiser is a basic sport utility vehicle (SUV) built by Toyota. Its basic design keeps things very simple so if you are after a back to basics SUV this is the one for you. There are many SUVs on the market that offer the state of the art styling and cutting-edge technology, but sometimes many of us just want a modest vehicle. The FJ cruiser has 70’s styling which does appeal to many drivers as this makes it stand out from the mass-produced modern lumps of metal that we see driving around on our roads.

Positive Attributes of the FJ Cruiser

–  Retro styling

–  Powerful engine

–  Cabin space

–  Strong build quality

–  Strong brand image

Drawbacks of the FJ Cruiser

Some of the drawbacks of the FJ Cruiser are that it feels dated to drive. As this is the mid-size SUV, it is slotted between the Highlander and the Rav4.  However, don’t let this put you off, as the FJ Cruiser has proved itself to be a competent vehicle over and over again.

After Market Styling

Customizing your FJ Cruiser is relatively straightforward because again there are quite a few aftermarket products available for this vehicle. You are able to pick from a range of colors and styles and you even have the choice of 20-inch rims if that’s what you are after.

Should you buy a FJ Cruiser?

The FJ Cruiser can appeal to all. It is a great family choice, but it is also a fashionable choice for the younger market.

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